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Cancer Will Not Let This Mother See Her Baby Girl Ever Again Without An Urgent Treatment

“Even doctors were shocked to see the damage that a tiny tumor did to my wife, Tina. In just a few days cancer had spread from her breast to her armpits. It has almost made her left side inactive. It is heartbreaking to see that she even struggles to hold our 1-year-old baby, Aviyanshi in her arms. I think even our baby understands now that her mother can’t carry her or play with her,” Siddharta, Tina’s husband.

From a very happy person, Tina became cancer-ridden in no time

Tina was a very active person. She was busy taking care of her baby girl.  Even if she had spent the whole day with her baby, Tina never felt enough. This was her first baby after 9 years. Since January, life has changed for her in the worst possible way. Cancer has robbed all her happiness and dreams.

“She had developed a small lump in her breast. Thankfully, it didn’t take us long to figure out that she has breast cancer. She became critical in no time. Her life was in danger. The cancer cells were spreading like a wildfire. Without the urgent surgery, I would have already lost her.”

Her excruciating pain keeps her awake at night

Tina had to undergo breast surgery in February. A part of her left breast had to be removed. The cancer had spread to her left armpit too and she needed a surgery for that as well. She can barely lift her left hand now. The pain engulfs her so much that she spends sleepless nights. 

“It’s sad that like other new mothers, my baby doesn’t keep me awake the entire night, but my pain does. It’s painful when my baby comes to me with hopeful eyes, I can’t hold or caress her. I myself need help to eat, how will I feed my baby? I feel I am failing as a mother. She doesn’t get the attention she deserves. I hope one day she understands why I couldn’t be with her when she needed the most.” Tina.

Both of Tina’s hands have become less active now

Some of the medicines that she had to take after her surgery has caused even more pain. During her third chemo, a tissue in her right hand got torn. Tina’s right hand is black and her first two fingers are swollen and she feels completely numb. She can’t even hold a spoon to eat.

“Tina has been very strong all this while. I haven’t dropped a tear all these months. On the day of her first chemo, she cried uncontrollably . All she wanted to know was, 'why it happened to her?' There are days when I have to take Tina to the hospital and our baby was taken care by our relatives. Of late, Aviyanshi has been falling very sick. I don’t know when all these will end.”

Without an urgent treatment, all the efforts she took so far to battle this dreadful disease will go in vain

Siddharta had recently started his ad agency business. He was not prepared for this and had spent most of his savings to start his business. Initially, Tina needed chemotherapy every 21 days. Now she needs it every 7 days. The injections that she needs weeks cost about Rs 50,000.

“I am still in denial that my wife has to go through all of this. I still can’t believe that cancer has changed our  lives forever. I have already spent a few lakhs in just 7 months. Now, she needs chemotherapy and radiotherapy so that her cancer doesn’t grow back. I need my wife, my child needs her mother. If my life could cure her I would have given that too. But now all I need is money to save her.

How you can help

Tina is suffering from breast cancer. She has undergone surgery already and now she needs chemotherapy and radiotherapy. The cost required to save her now is Rs 6.5 lakhs and her husband has nothing left to save her.

Your support will help this mother go back to her child

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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