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Thinking beyond business: Innoz Technologies

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In today’s corporate world, there are many who look beyond profit and are now becoming more socially responsible. There comes a point where one thinks beyond business and rather wants to make a social impact in the society.

Innoz, a young and innovative firm that creates products for the mobile and wireless market is one such company in Bangalore. We are proud to be associated with Innoz as part of a Payroll Lending Program. When we launched our payroll lending program with Innoz, the response was quite amazing and the employees are contributing each month to bring solar lighting to homes in West Bengal.

We spoke to Ankita Ahluwalia, who is the HR Manager at Innoz to get her thoughts on the importance of CSR and her experience with Milaap.

Q) For organizations and corporate like Innoz, do you think it is important to associate with a Social Enterprise like Milaap and be Impact Investors?


- Innoz believes in associating with social enterprises such as Milaap because it is an
effective, transparent and convenient way to execute our Corporate Social Responsibility.

Q) How has the response been across Innoz towards payroll lending?

- The response has been positive with over Rs. 1 lakh contributed by Innozites and some
other well-wishers of Innoz.

Q) What was the motivation for your company to associate with Milaap?

Since Innoz was started by students turned entrepreneurs,we would like to help other entrepreneurs, especially those with big dreams at the bottom of the pyramid and Milaap facilitates the same effectively

Q) How was your experience with the Milaap Team?

- The Milaap team has been extremely forthcoming with initiatives and has visited our office
on several occasions. It is wonderful to be associated with them. Karthik and Megha have been
doing a wonderful job in sharing their initiatives with us.

Q). What interested you folks about Milaap?

- Milaap’s concept of reaching out to the grassroots and empowering communities to
overcome day-to-day challenges and fulfil their desires interested us the most. Also, the fact
that it is an online platform makes it easy for our employees to track the loans made by them.

Q) One word that describes "Milaap" to you guys".
- Awesome


Thank you Innoz for your time and support. Best wishes to you and your team at Innoz. :)

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