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The Truth About Education System In India

Talk about education in India,  and you’re setting yourself up for a grim conversation. Yes, literacy in India is below the world average, one in five kids drops out after Class 7. Too many students, understaffed classes. We know. But from Milaap Indias largest crowdfunding platform, we thought you should see the other side to this reality. We found a bunch of stories about people who have seen a lacuna, and have filled it with admirable persistence. Book Building a better future through education:  Helping in the “mainstreaming” process of students without prior formal education. Read about how Bagiya changes the lives of the children of construction workers. Happy School – An educational platform for the underprivileged. Providing children with a chance to follow their dreams for a token fee of Rs. 5 a month. The story of Sabbah Haji – Nurturing hope in the midst of terror. From a two roomed school, to a school with two branches, this is a story of inspiration. Hole in the Wall – If the future lies in computers, the kids have got to learn about them! Read Sugata Misra's experiment!Do you want to change the face of India's education as well? You could today, by lending a little to help someone get a vocational training.