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6-Year-Old Tejaswini Cries Out In Pain Every Night And She Might Bleed To Death Without Urgent Help

Tejaswini yells out during her sleep "My hand is paining, my hand is paining. I don't want to go, it's paining". Her mother checks her temperature, little Tejaswini runs a high fever again. She hugs her tight and tries to comfort her. She can't bear to watch her daughter suffer like this. 

This is the second time in the week Tejaswini is running a high fever. She is suffering from a blood disorder that is threatening to take her life. Her condition is deteriorating every day but her parents are not sure how to save her with their limited income.

Tejaswini has been diagnosed with Fanconi’s Anemia, a rare disorder that affects the bone marrow which in turn decreases the production of blood cells. Her condition has drastically deteriorated in the past 3 months because of the rare, severe blood disorder that she’s been living with. Tejawasini’s parents, Lalitha and Nagaraju, have been doing all they can to get her treatment but they are nowhere close to what is needed for her treatment.

We can’t think of a life without Tejaswini. She used to be so active and cheerful, but this disease has changed her. She rarely smiles anymore. The only thing that can save her now is an urgent bone marrow transplant.” says Lalitha, Tejaswini's mother.

There’s no end to Tejaswini’s suffering as she gets a high fever every 15 days

It all started when Tejaswini got a high fever one year ago and her parents rushed her to the doctor when it didn’t subside.

We thought it was a regular fever, but it didn’t get better at all. After a few tests, we were told it was dengue and started treatment for the same. We thought there was hope when her condition began to improve, but it was only momentary. My child is only getting sicker as the days are going by. She's racing against time now. ”

Tejaswini has recurrent fevers every 15 days now. She complains of stomach ache and can barely eat anymore. This has prevented her from going to school regularly, but Tejaswini still looks forward to it as it distracts her from the pain, even for a little while. Unfortunately, Tejaswini can’t go to school anymore. Her disease has made her so weak that she can’t even write her homework. Her parents are worried sick that if she’s not treated soon, they might lose her.

Tejaswini's sisters don't know their little sister is suffering

Tejaswini has two older sisters, Malashree and Bindu, who adore her. They accompany her to the hospital whenever they can and have always been there for her. Lalitha finds strength in their love, but it saddens her to think that this might all be taken away from them soon.  

“We haven’t told them how serious the condition is, but they’re willing to do anything to save her. I’m also trying to stay strong for her. Sometimes I can’t help but cry when I’m alone. My child is only 6-years-old and is suffering so much, it kills me inside to watch her go through this. Once, she saw me cry and even tried to cheer me up. I don’t know what I will do if I lose her."

Tejaswini and her sisters

Nagaraju is a farmer in their hometown in Tumkur, Karnataka. With irregular work and a meagre income, its impossible for Nagaraju to arrange for the 20 lakhs required for Tejaswini’s bone marrow transplant. They have spent 2 lakhs for her treatment so far after much difficulty and now are in no condition to get more funds.

“Our relatives keep asking us why we’re struggling so much to arrange for money for her tests, they think there’s no point to all the hospital visits. But we will do what it takes to see our Tejaswini healthy again."

How You Can Help

Tejaswini needs an immediate bone marrow transplant. She has been living with a severe blood disorder for a year now and can’t go on any longer without a transplant. With our help, her life can be saved.

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