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T Varalakshmi can only dream big now with Milaap's loan - from buying clothes to laying tiles, she's done it all.

T. Varalakshmi was a housewife in a family which lived on Rs. 1200 per month. Once she got a loan, learnt masala making and started her business, the family income has increased to Rs. 3000 monthly. She has a two-year old son for whom she was able to buy clothes, and now that she’s expecting her second child, she was able to spend about Rs. 4000 for her checkups. In her house, she has been able to lay tiles in her kitchen, and plans to install a water heater.

When I asked her how she felt now and what her plans for the future were, she said that she is very happy with her business, and wants to expand it further. However, most of her big dreams are for her children – she wants her son to become an engineer and want her second child to pursue higher studies – and she plans to work towards achieving these dreams for her children.

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