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8-year-old Syeda Has Lost Her Home Twice And Everything With It In Her Fight Against Cancer

“We thought her fight with cancer was over. We thought our baby girl was going to be healthy and happy now. The struggles we have been through, losing everything including our home, where she took her first steps, they were supposed to behind us. But now, cancer brought it all back. It is taking her away from us again, taking everything away from us again.”

8-year-old Syeda was diagnosed with cancer in 2015. Her parents fought against every obstacle to get her the treatment she needs to fight the disease. Right when they thought she was in remission, she had a relapse. Now, their only hope to save her is a bone marrow transplant. In their current situation, they can hardly afford a roof over their head, leave alone medicines for a deadly disease.

Hospital is now her home

“We came to Bangalore for her treatment at KIDWAI. When we went back home after 8 months, our landlord had locked us out for not paying rent. All our money had gone into paying bills so we could hardly afford a home. We moved into a smaller place. When she had a relapse, when came down here from Mysore. The situation is much worse. We spent much more and could not afford anything. So we got evicted again.”
Humeira and Syed have not told their baby girl that they lost their home again. She is homesick, anxious, and suffers from the side-effects of the medicines. She keeps asking her parents to take her back home to Mysore where she can eat Ammi’s food. On days when chemo takes a toll on her, Syeda screams for her wish to come true over and over again.

There was once a choice, not anymore

“When she was in KIDWAI, we could afford the treatment. This time, when the cancer has turned so aggressive the doctor has told us to either opt for a bone marrow transplant or take her home until her body gives up and we lose her. We cannot afford this surgery. We cannot even afford chemo at this stage even if it helped her. But is this a choice for a parent to make?”
They have spent over Rs. 4.5 lakhs so far selling everything they owned, begging from everyone they can find, and pray to Allah that they can somehow save their daughter.

Ready to give up everything for her

“Our older daughter Madiha had to drop out of school because we could not pay her fees. We had to choose Syeda’s life over Madiha’s education. At least both of them will be alive. We can worry about their future later.”
Syed is the sole breadwinner in this family. He works as a salesman at a retail store for Rs. 300/day. Every day he is in Bangalore, they shell out Rs. 800 for expenses. If Syed misses even a single day at work, he loses that day’s income and it affects the family. To avoid that, he is back in Mysore working hard to do the best he can for his wife and daughters.
Madiha is with her mother by Syeda’s side through this difficult time. Despite everything cancer is throwing at them, this family is standing tall and trying to battle. Rs. 30,00,000 is a huge amount, and they are extremely worried about pooling these funds as it makes a difference between life and death for Syeda.

Your contribution can make Syeda’s life.
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