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Poor Couple Who Waited 8 Long Years To Finally Become Parents May Lose Their Twins Without Help

Pooja and Ganpat couldn't have been happier at their baby shower ceremony. They were overwhelmed with the blessings of their family and friends. Pooja's pregnancy was pretty easy and she was healthy. She did not have any concerns. The young and happy couple were looking forward to the arrival of their twin babies. Looking back at that memorable day, Ganpat says, "How blissfully unaware we were of the complications that would happen later in the pregnancy! I wish we were fortunate like any other parents who carry their full-term babies happily back home."

The twins have a good chance of recovery 

The day after the baby shower, Pooja was terrified when she got labor pain at the most unexpected time. Her husband rushed her to the hospital and she had an immediate c - section. The girl baby is older to the boy baby by 3 minutes.  After a few hours, Pooja was finally able to be wheeled down to see her babies, who are now battling for their lives in the intensive care unit. The poor parents live in constant fear of losing them. However, they have a good chance of recovery and money is the only obstacle that stands in the way of treatment.

"We knew, they would be small, but nothing could prepare us to see our preemie babies whose eyes were fused shut, translucent skin, covered in wires and ventilator. Machines and medications were taking over what we should have been doing for them. I forced myself to stay strong, my wife  broke into tears and she couldn't bear to see them in this condition."   Ganpat.

The poor couple wait desperately to take twins home

Twin babies of Pooja are severely underweight, weighing only 1.2 kgs and 1.8 kgs respectively. The devastated parents found a ray of hope when the twins were taken off the ventilator support. They are slowly recovering and would need 3 more weeks of hospital stay to recover completely. Pooja has hardly recovered from the C-section and she comes every day to the hospital, to feed her babies. She is both physically and emotionally exhausted and is desperately waiting to take her twins home.

"I go home at the night only to spend sleepless and painful nights and come back early in the morning. The only happiness I get is when I touch them but that lasts only for few minutes. My wife has become too weak and no words could comfort her. I hope God gives us the strength to endure this pain." - Ganpat.

You Can Help The Poor Couple Take  Their Twins Home

Ganpat works as a helper in a private company and earns Rs 5000 per month. He and his wife Pooja together decided to have a child after they had saved enough money to raise the child healthy and provide all basic necessities. They had so many plans about the future of their child and it took 8 long years for them to even get stable at their job and plan for the baby. Little did they know that all their dreams would be at stake.

Your contribution can save the lives of Pooja's twins

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