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Save 4000 Fellow Indians From Dying Of Cold This Winter

Rapid Response is on a mission to ensure none of the people living on the streets experience cold, discomfort and sleepless nights this winter. They have come up with a drive called The Blanket Project, which would bring warmth and comfort to 4000 inhabitants across 6 of those cities, which a see a steep temperature drop in winter. Rapid Response needs our support to buy 4000 blankets this winter. Blanket distribution would make sure thousands of lives are safeguarded from the cold wave.

"Be the change you want to see in this world" Says Farukh, CEO of Rapid Response

It all started in 2013 when Farukh was extremely disturbed seeing the condition of people in Uttarakhand floods.He was one amongst the many volunteers who helped in evacuation work during the floods in Uttarakhand. Farukh observed there was an urgent need for agencies which would help in activities related to disaster response. The urgent need and the desire to help people in distress made him start Rapid Response.

Rapid response is India's first emergency relief and rehabilitation agency. Think of any recent natural calamity and you will find the rapid response team at the location helping with the relief operations. The team has so far participated in relief operations for J&K Floods, Nepal Earthquake, Chennai Floods, Assam Floods, Bihar floods and has also actively contributed in helping farmers of drought affected farmers of Marathwada Region.

Rapid Response has also been leveraging technology to help the locals in coastal villages of India. The daily messages in the form of SMS warn the locals of any upcoming natural event and help them to prepare the preventive measures and save lives.

Blanket Project is a tribute to those who lost their lives in J&K Floods

Farukh Recalls - During their relief work in J&K floods. The team witnessed one of the most painful sights of children and women shivering from extreme cold and sleeping on footpaths with no blankets and mats. Thousands of families had lost their homes and had no roof to stay. The team helped such families in need and pledged to start a drive a which would help people to sleep well in winters.

Why Should you contribute ?

The project will roll out in 6 cities of India (Bangalore, New Delhi, Srinagar, Guwahati, Hyderabad, Lucknow) and will benefit 4000 people. Your support will touch lives and also safeguard people from the cold wave.

The project currently requires 6 lac rupees to buy 4000 blankets (each blanket cost Rs.150)

Lets us come together and help our fellow citizens!

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