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10-month-old With Wires All Over His Body Needs ICU To Survive

In 2 weeks, 10-month-old Tejas has gone through two surgeries. He often cries in pain all night long. Nothing can calm him. The waiting hall outside the ICU is now like home to his parents, Ganesh and Usha. They have been sitting there for that past 15 days hoping to hear positive news that Tejas can be taken off the ventilator. Unfortunately, he needs to be on it for at least 20 days to completely recover. 

Sudden breathing trouble in the middle of the night left Tejas unconscious

Tejas was having trouble in breathing last month. His problems aggravated and he fell unconscious in the middle of the night. Distraught, the parents rushed him to a hospital at midnight where they discovered he has respiratory distress because of a condition called laryngomalacia. The tissues in his voice box began blocking his airway because of a congenital defect.
“His cries kept echoing around us. I felt helpless. He needed not one but two surgeries. He still needs help to breathe. Watching him with just a diaper on and so many wires hooked, breaks me. My son looks smaller than ever and he looks so weak.” - Ganesh

Timely action saved Tejas’ life but he is still not out of danger

While the defect itself has been corrected, Tejas’ body is still weak and vulnerable to infection. His lungs need time to heal which means more time on the ventilator. The air around him is saturated with tension as his little body struggles to cope with his condition. 

I just think about him waddling down to his father, whenever he heard the bike outside the house. All these parents around me are stressed about their children in the ICU. Every time someone takes their child home, I find hope.” - Usha

We are already in debt, nobody is ready to lend us more money, even to save him

Ganesh is a farmer who owns a small piece of land in Rajgurunagar, Pune. To kickstart Tejas’ treatments, he mortgaged his land - the only source of his income. He also took huge loans at high interests from moneylenders to pay for the surgeries. The family needs Rs. 6 Lakhs for the rest of Tejas’ hospital stay. 

“For the last four months, we have not been able to harvest anything because of the drought. I work part-time at a factory and earn about Rs 6000. All my savings are gone. Tejas can recover completely with time and treatment. Without it, we will lose him.”
Together, we can help baby Tejas

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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