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This 7-Year-Old Is Battling Cancer Away From Her Parents And Needs Your Help To Get Treated

Tanushree had heard so much about Bangalore - the wide streets, the huge malls and the lovely gardens - and had always wanted to go there. But never in her wildest dreams, did she think that she would hate being there so much. Surrounded by concrete walls, all she now wants is to go back to her small village in West Bengal. Even though her aunt tries her best to comfort her, Tanushree misses being near her mother - especially when she is in the clutches of cancer. 

“Her parents came running to us, seeking help. Sahadeb had no savings and didn’t know how to treat Tanushree. We decided to take her with us to Bangalore and even got her surgery done. But she isn’t fully cured - she needs continued chemotherapy,” - Meena, aunt.

Her parents had only heard about cancer on TV and couldn’t believe their fate

Last November, Malini and Sahadeb found out that their 7-year-old daughter has a cancerous tumor in her brain. They had only heard about cancer on TV - the parents were left dumbstruck when they found out that their own child was battling such a dangerous disease. With almost no income, Malini and Sahadeb were left with absolutely no choice but to ask for help from their relatives.

Tanushree with her aunt and uncle 

The bus ride to the hospital for the chemotherapy leaves Tanusree tired and nauseous

“The hospital is 30 mins from our place in Kadugodi and we usually take a bus to go there. Tanushree gets really sick by the time we reach - I feel very bad for her, but what can I even do? I don’t have the means to afford cabs everyday.” 

Malini loves Tanushree like her own child and prays for her every day

Malini has been making a note of every progress Tanushree has made after her surgery.
“She stammers a lot but she makes a lot of effort to speak these days unlike the first few months when she couldn’t utter a word. She is weak even now and needs nutritious food. But sometimes, she sits up and colours her drawing books. Happy tears flow out of my eyes then. I am hopeful that the chemotherapy will cure her but my husband and I are in no position to arrange for the money.”

Your help can bring back hope for Tanushree 

Malini’s husband works at a restaurant in Bangalore and earns just about enough to run his family. But that hasn’t stopped the couple from getting their little niece treated - they have curtailed on their daily expenses and given her the best of everything.
“The chemotherapy would cost us around Rs 4 lakhs. Without your support, I don’t see a way to get Tanushree treated. My sister and brother-in-law are looking up to me for help, I don’t want to fail them.”

Together, we can save Tanushree 

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