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44-Year-Old Driver Whose Kidneys Have Completely Failed Has One Week To Get A Life-Saving Transplant

One day, my husband told me, ‘Let me die, you don’t have to help me anymore. I can’t even move much, I can’t even go to work and on top of it, I undergo dialysis thrice a week. What’s the point of such a life?’ He had lost all hope. It was very hard to hold back my tears but there is hope now. I can donate my kidney and save him, but due to his poor health over the past 4 years, we’re in so much debt!” – Laskhmi, Sushil’s wife

44-year-old Sushil’s condition is getting worse with every passing day because both his kidneys have completely failed over a year ago. From a healthy, kind and extremely helpful man, Sushil has now been reduced to someone who needs help to even walk normally. He's now in an urgent need of a kidney transplant. Depressed and helpless, he and his wife, Lakshmi, have absolutely nothing left to afford the life-saving transplant.

Lakshmi and Sushil

Sushil’s needs dialysis thrice a week and now, he’s extremely weak and critical

“Last year, after years of struggle, both his kidneys failed and since then he’s been undergoing dialysis thrice a week. This past year has been so hard on him because he gets extremely weak every other day. He can’t even walk for more than a few minutes, that’s how bad it is. Since the past 2 weeks, he has been getting terrible fevers and he gets very cold too. His arms get so swollen because of excess fluids and it's hurting him a lot. His lungs get filled with fluids too and he can’t even breathe properly.” – Lakshmi

Sushil with his son Sahil

In addition to the numerous complications, Sushil also needs blood transfusions to stay alive. Now, with his condition deteriorating with every single day, the 44-year-old’s only hope for survival lies in undergoing an urgent kidney transplant. He was supposed to undergo the surgery last week, but Lakshmi and Sushil have exhausted everything they had. 

Sushil was critical in the hospital for a year and had blisters all over his body

“It started in 2014. He was tormented by a fever and we got to know that he was actually suffering from a deadly chronic kidney disease. Soon, his condition became so bad that he had to be hospitalized. He was so weak and critical that he couldn’t even stand, let alone walk. He had no energy and even if he wanted to urinate, he’d have to do it on the bed. That year, he also developed blisters all over his body which would burst and there’d be pus on his body too. I can’t tell you how much I’ve cried that year. I was so frightened. I didn't even have a moment to think.” – Lakshmi

After struggling for over a year, Sushil finally started feeling better and started working too. But, in March 2017, his kidneys failed all of a sudden.

Sushil hasn’t worked for a year and Lakshmi is desperate to save him

Sushil worked as a driver, earning Rs. 300/day. Kidney failure has left him so weak that he is unable to work or do any household chores.

I work as a clerk at an office and I earn just around Rs. 300/day. I have been taking care of everything. I run all the errands, cook food, do my job and earn as much as I can. All the dialysis, transfusions and numerous treatments have proved to be so costly. We’ve already spent around Rs. 6 lakhs and I have sold everything I had. Also, no one from our family helps us at all. I just want to see him get better, go to work and enjoy his life. He is such a loving husband and father. He goes out of his way to help people too, he’s just very kind. Not being able to do any of this has made him so depressed. “ – Lakshmi

How you can help

Until now, Lakshmi and Sushil have borrowed over Rs. 4 lakhs for his treatment and are now neck deep in debt. They have sold everything they had and are left with nothing to afford the life-saving transplant that Sushil needs next week. With failed kidneys, Sushil is slowly dying. He and Lakshmi are in dire need of Rs. 6.5 lakhs to save his life. They cannot do this without your help.

Your support can save 44-year-old Sushil and ensure that he is able to work hard for his family.

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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