In Just A Few Days This 4-Year-Old’s Liver Completely Failed, He Has Only 1 Day Left To Get A Transplant And Live | Milaap
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In Just A Few Days This 4-Year-Old’s Liver Completely Failed, He Has Only 1 Day Left To Get A Transplant And Live

In just ten days, my healthy and active child’s condition became so critical that we had to rush him from Gwalior to Delhi in an ambulance. His liver has completely failed. In the six hours that we took to reach the hospital, he tossed and turned in discomfort, trying to get out of the bed. He cried all the way, while I held his tiny hands, telling him that I was with him. Nothing made him feel better. The painful swelling in his stomach and the deep yellowness of his tear-filled eyes was an indication that if we didn’t make it in time, my son would not survive the night.” – Ravinder, 4-year-old Shreyansh’s father

While Ravinder was able to get Shreyansh to the hospital in the nick of time, Shreyansh is still critical. He has acute liver failure and without a liver transplant in the next one day, he won’t make it.

Shreyansh kept his parents on their toes with his energy, but now he can barely move without being in pain

In the hospital, Ravinder and Sangeetha sit in silence, only talking when they’re spoken to. Watching their son tremble in fear every time he sees a needle and hearing the weakness in his voice, they’re devastated. Every time Ravinder thinks about the last time he saw his son smile, he can’t help but cry.

During Diwali, I remember Shreyansh running around the house singing ‘happy diwali’ out loud, while his mother ran behind him with his food that he refused to eat. He always kept us on our toes. He was so active, and besides a small cold, he was never really sick. He would play with his favourite toy cars, and his older brother and he would pretend they’re in a car race. Our home was filled with his laughter. But after Diwali, he fell sick. That was only the beginning of his suffering.” – Ravinder

Baby Shreyansh with his parents and brother

The 4-year-old has just one day left to get a life-saving liver transplant

Little Shreyansh had a fever, and his skin had a tinge of yellow. The local doctors treated him for jaundice, but within days, his stomach started swelling and his skin and eyes were completely yellow. What they thought was jaundice, turned out to be acute liver failure. Now the only curative treatment for his critical condition is an urgent liver transplant. Ravinder and Sangeetha have just one day left to save their son from this grave disease, but they can’t afford the treatment.

Ravindra’s income and their minimal savings are not enough to afford the transplant

Ravinder works at a petrol bunk in Gwalior and earns around Rs. 6,000 per month. With help from his brother, Sangeetha and he took Shreyansh to Delhi, but the few thousands that they have as savings is not enough to afford the liver transplant. Shreyansh is racing against time.

Our son’s condition is getting worse with every passing minute. We don't even remember to eat and barely sleep for an hour at night. All we think about is saving our son. He will only survive if I can afford the transplant in time.” - Ravinder

How You Can Help

Shreyansh is running out of time to get a liver transplant. With just one day left, his parents are struggling and find themselves completely helpless. Shreyansh, once filled with joy and energy, is now in excruciating pain because of his failed liver. He needs the liver transplant in time to survive, and his parents need your support at the earliest.

Your support will save 4-year-old Shreyansh’s life.

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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