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Single Mother's 4-Year-Old Is Fighting For Life In ICU After He Met With A Tragic Accident

Little Shaikh just started going to school and he was always excited about telling his mother everything that had happened in school. It was Christmas break and as Shaikh was bored of sitting at home all day, he headed out to buy himself his favorite lollipop. ‘I was at home doing my work when I heard cries of our neighbors calling out Shaikh’s name. I ran out and saw my son lying on the ground, his body covered with blood.’ recalls Hussaindee as she looks at her son who is lying unconscious in the ICU.

Little Shaikh Nadeen was crossing the road after buying his favorite lollipop when a truck hit him. Shaikh suffered severe injuries and for the past 14 days he has been battling for life in the ICU, while his mother is begging everyone she knows to save her son.

Hussaindee and her son Shaik Nadeen before he met with an accident

“The doctors told his condition is very critical and his life is at risk”

Life was never that easy for Husaaindee after her husband divorced her and took their two daughters Nikkhat (10) and Zikra (6) along with him, leaving Hussaindee with their son Shaikh Nadeen (4). Little Shaik Nadeen was just months old when his father deserted him. And Hussaindee who was once completely dependent on her husband, was now gaining the courage to look after her son on her own. But life took a terrible turn for Hussaindee when her son was involved in a tragic accident. Little Shaikh Nadeen was crossing the road after buying his favorite lollipop when a truck hit him. Shaikh was immediately taken to the hospital in their village near Khammam, Telangana soon after the accident.

The doctors told that Shaikh’s condition is very critical and suggested us to take him to Hyderabad (Telangana) for better treatment. It was one of the longest journey I’ve ever had in life. He was profusely bleeding from his ears and nose. Every minute felt like an hour and I was constantly praying for my son to make it to the hospital.” - Hussaindee, mother
Little Shaikh was immediately taken to the ICU. He had a fracture in his backbone and his lungs are severely injured. He also had internal bleeding near his liver and genitals. He is currently on ventilator support and needs to stay in the intensive care for 15 more days to recover from this fatal condition.

Hussaindee needs your help as her meagre income isn’t enough to continue her sons treatment 

A tailor by profession, Hussaindee used to work hard to provide his son with a decent life by earning a meagre income of Rs 200 per day. But ever since Shaikh met with a tragic accident, Hussaindee has spent Rs 3 lakhs so far by borrowing money from others. But now she has exhausted all the money she borrowed and is desperately struggling to save her son.

Hussaindee’s only source of happiness, her son Shaik Nadeen is now battling for life in ICU. Shaik just started learning alphabet and numbers when a tragic accident brought him to the brink of death. Hussaindee can’t help but cry looking at her go through all this pain. She needs your help to save her son.

Your contribution can give this little one a new life

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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