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With Just 1 Week Left For A Transplant, This Mechanic Is Racing Against Time To Save His Little Daughter

I have always tried to protect her from all the pain, and now she looks at me with hopeful eyes to make it all better, to take her pain away, but I’m helpless. How can I tell her the truth? I feel like I have failed her as a father. I have only week to save her.” – Rafiq, Shahera’s father
Rafiq is running out of time to save his 8-year-old Shahera. She is becoming weaker every day and this poor mechanic has nothing left to pay for her urgent transplant.

When Shahera(8) started coming home from school with her lunch box untouched, Rafiq and Rejiya thought she was being stubborn and disobedient. Shahera soon started becoming extremely weak. Their once-active daughter is now overcome by fatigue and can barely move on some days. Shahera’s rare blood disorder has drastically deteriorated her condition in the past few months. She needs a bone marrow transplant at the earliest to survive.

Shahera is getting weaker by the day, medicines and blood transfusions aren’t enough to keep her alive

Shahera was diagnosed with Fanconi Anemia when she was 5. The rare disorder affects the bone marrow and prevents it from making new blood cells for the body to work normally. Shahera has been undergoing blood transfusions once a month for three years now. However, it’s no longer enough to keep her alive.

Before her disorder was diagnosed, she would fall sick every few days, but we couldn’t understand what was happening to her. Every doctor that we took her to would give her a new set of medicines. At one point, she was having more medicines than regular food. But nothing helped her. We had never heard of this disorder, but we knew we had to do everything we could to save her. Now the bone marrow transplant is out of our reach, and we’re running out of time.”

After years of medical expenses, her father can’t afford the life-saving transplant she needs in a week

Shahera needs the bone marrow transplant in a week to survive the severe disorder she’s been living with. Rafiq, a mechanic, earns around 400 per day repairing air conditioners and can’t afford the life-saving transplant. For three years, he has spent nearly 20,000 per month on her blood transfusions. There have been days when he’s struggled to even feed his family but stopping his youngest daughter’s treatment was never in question.

“I’ve done all I could, but I just can’t afford the 30 lakhs needed for her transplant. All these years we’ve not only had to spend on her treatment, but also ensure that she eats nutritious food. Even though the fruits were expensive, I bought them just with the hope that it will make her better. I have one week to arrange the money for her transplant, but I’ve exhausted everything I had so far.

How You Can Help

Shahera needs a bone marrow transplant at the earliest to live. Her father, a mechanic, has nothing left to save her after years of spending on her treatment. Shahera has made it this far with blood transfusions, but it isn’t enough to save her. Without a bone marrow transplant, she won’t make it. Rafiq and Rejiya are desperate to save their youngest from the severe blood disorder.

Your support will save Shahera’s life.

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