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Father Risks Losing His Job In An Effort To Save His 2-year-old Daughter's Life

“I am a book-seller in College Street, Kolkata but I fear that I will lose my job soon - it’s the exam season and I have not been able to go to work for the last 20 days. I had no choice, my baby girl has been fighting for her life in the hospital. She can’t breathe on her own and needs to be in the hospital longer but I don’t have a single penny left in my pocket,” - Biplab, father. 

With a sick child in their lap, the parents went from one hospital to another in hope of a cure

Biplab and his wife, Madhumita can’t wipe away the horrific memory of the night when they thought they will lose Sampurna forever.

“Her entire body seemed like it was burning, the fever was so high. Medicines were of no help. When she started turning blue, we got scared. At 2 in the the night, we took her to the hospital in a car only to hear ‘We can’t do anything about this, take her to Kolkata.’ All the while we kept praying that we don’t lose her,” - Madhumita. 

‘We eat only when relatives bring food out of kindness’

Sampurna is under heavy sedation. Her lungs are severely damaged and fluid has built up in them. Along with antibiotics, she needs to be under ventilator support. Every day, Madhumita and Biplab stand beside her bed, hoping that she will open her eyes and smile at them. But each day, they are disheartened. But they haven’t lost hope.
“We are saving as much as we can at this moment. If that means skipping meals, we don’t think twice,” - Biplab. 

‘My savings are exhausted and I am not earning anything now - please help me’

Biplab makes around Rs 7000 a month and can hardly save anything. The little bit he had, he has used it up for Sampurna’s treatment. He has also borrowed and spent around 2 lakhs. With your generous contribution, he will be able to afford 4 lakhs that is needed for a longer hospital stay.

Together, we can save baby Sampurna

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team. 

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