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This Father Struggles To Save His 9-Year-Old From Deadly Brain Tumour After Losing His Job

All Priyadarshini wants to do is draw. She just wants to be able to hold the pencil the way she used to. But she can’t for more than a few seconds anymore. Her brain tumour has left her paralyzed on one side. She can’t even call out to her parents clearly. Every word is a struggle for her. She is slowly recovering, but her life is still at risk. The tumour in her brain can grow and spread rapidly without timely treatment. Unfortunately, her father doesn't have anything left to continue her treatment any longer - he lost his job during her treatment.

"We thought it was only food poisoning"

Priyadarshini (9) was an average student but she scored exceptionally well in her 4th grade. Her teachers appreciated her efforts and her parents were happy about it. But just a few days after they received the good news about her results, she had a high fever and was vomiting continuously. At first, her parents, Somu and Bharathy, thought it was just  food poisoning But her condition worsened in just a few days. She became very disoriented. She started to mumble and became extremely weak. Her parents were terrified when she collapsed on the floor.  

Priyadarshini before the diagnosis

"We were shocked, we didn't know what was happening but we never imagined it would be brain tumor. Doctors said it is a cancerous tumor, it can spread to her spinal cord and other body parts and she needs an immediate surgery." - Somu, father

"She couldn't even call out to us after the surgery"

It was quite overwhelming for the parents - in just a week's time, their daughter's life had changed. But it was only the beginning of her painful journey. Although the tumor was removed, it left her paralyzed on one side, she couldn't even say 'amma' and 'appa.' Her parents broke into tears when she tried to talk because they couldn't understand any of it. The doctors said she also needs radiotherapy and chemotherapy to recover completely.

"She is slowly getting better with the physiotherapy. She is now able to take few steps with help. She is uttering few words. She is used to injections and medicines, it is not bothering her anymore. But she gets hurt when she fails every time to write or even draw something. She feels very defeated. It is so painful to see her suffering."

Her father lost his job and now is neck deep in debt

Priyadarshini's father Somu was working as a helper in a private company. He had to work all days of the month to earn Rs 10,000. After Priyadarshini's diagnosis he couldn't be regular at work, so he was fired from his job. It has been 5 months since he's gone for work and he has absolutely no income. His older son Sasi Kumar (11) has stopped going to school because Somu cannot afford to buy him notebooks or pay his fees. He has already borrowed money, and now he cannot turn to anyone for help.

"Everyday I get about 10 calls asking me to repay the debts or at least to pay interest but I don't have anything left with me." 

How You Can Help

Priyadarshini's life changed the day she was diagnosed with a brain tumor. With every little step she takes and every word she utters, her parents are regaining their hope but they cannot afford to continue the treatment. Although she's had the surgery, she is not totally free from the risk of having the tumour again. She needs to continue treatment to have a normal life. Only your contribution can make it possible.

Your kind help can save this 9-year-old girl

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 The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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