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This Teenager Is Determined To Fight Cancer And Write Her Board Exams, She Needs Your Help

Rajani is counting down the days to February 25th. Her class 12 board exams begin then and it’s all she worries about – even while fighting cancer. The tumour on her right shoulder is painful. She can’t lie down on her back, and she's only getting weaker by the day. However, Rajani is stubborn. She hasn’t let cancer come in the way of her spirit or ambitions. She even forced her parents to bring her books from their village in West Bengal.

“Will I be home to write my exams?” she asks the doctors on their rounds. Cancer doesn’t scare her as much as not being able to achieve her goals does. However, her parents are struggling – they have no way left to continue her treatment.

‘I don’t mind if I lose all my hair now, I just want to get better’ – but her parents fear they’ll lose her

Even in the hospital, the first thing Sonali does when Rajani (17) wakes up is comb and plait her hair. But she won’t be able to do it for long. Along with her strength, Rajani is slowly losing her hair. As she combs her hair, chunks of hair fall off. As much as Sonali and Lalababu want to protect Rajani from the pain, they can’t.

“She knows she has cancer. She’s old enough to understand the implications as well, but she’s willing to go through the chemotherapy and surgery if it means that she can be fine in time to write the exams. She used to love her long hair, but now she says it’s okay if she loses it all. As long as she gets better.” - Sonali, mother

A humble background and debts to pay off - Lalababu can’t afford her treatment any longer

Rajani’s cancerous tumour was diagnosed last month after she complained of severe pain in her right shoulder. Sonali and Lalubabu were asked to take her to Bangalore for treatment, and ever since then, she’s been undergoing chemotherapy. Lalababu had to borrow from many people to take his daughter to Bangalore and start the treatment. For a daily wager working on others’ farms for meagre income, spending to 2 lakhs in over a month is a lot. Now, he can’t afford to continue her chemotherapy or the surgery she needs without help.

How you can help Rajani

Rajani is kind, considerate and responsible. She wants to make her parents proud one day and hopes to become a teacher. However, cancer stands her way. Although her parents somehow managed to start chemotherapy, they’re now at a dead end. Sonali and Lalababu are from a very humble background and can’t afford the 5 lakhs needed for her treatment. Rajani needs your help.

With your support, Rajani can fight cancer and follow her dreams.

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