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His wife has lost all memory of him, still he is taking care of her for the last 7 years

This is the story of Santhosh Subramanian. The story of hope, love, affection and care. Since last 7 years, Santhosh has not missed a single day caring for her wife Radhika, who is suffering from Brain TB. Unaware of what is happening around her, she lays on the bed most of the time. She can't move, can't talk, can't eat and can't even identify her loved ones. Still, the hope of seeing her fit again drives Santhosh to provide her the best care possible. In the last seven years, he has spent more than 50 lakhs on her treatment and care, his savings have dried up and he desperately needs funds to continue his wife's treatment.
Your support will surely boost Santhosh's confidence and ensure he is a step closer to seeing his wife fit again.

"Our marriage was love cum arranged" - Santhosh

Santhosh recollects "We used to like each other in school" as the school came to an end we started dating each other and continued dating for 8 years. I always wanted to Marry her and imagined about our family. With God's and our Parent's blessings we tied a knot on May 7th 2008.

I have spent the most amazing 1.5 years of our marriage with her. During those years my wife gave birth to our lovely daughter Jhanavi. I used to think was extremely fortunate and lucky to have such a beautiful family.

The fateful month of October 2010

Since 21st October Radhika was complaining of a headache and over the week the headache did not go away. Towards the sixth and the seventh day the headache became unbearable. Santhosh took her to the MGM hospital Marathalli, where the doctors suggested to undergo an MRI. Radhika convinced Santhosh to leave to her Native place Trichy where she would be more comfortable with the treatment on 27th October they left for Trichy

On 28th October when Santhosh's showed the MRI report to the Doctor at Vasan hospital. The doctor was shocked to see Radhika still being normal and suggested it was an extreme case of Brain TB and suggested an immediate admission of Radhika in the hospital.

The doctor referred the case to Nimhans, Bangalore as Santhosh is from Bangalore and it would have been more convenient for him to manage her treatment in Bangalore.

In the next 2.5 months, Radhika went through Radical changes in the first 20 days she went unconscious and lost her memory, she was kept in ICU for 28 days. Her body got fully paralyzed and she was unable to identify anyone of her family members. The Brain TB severely affected her brain and her spine.

The doctors at Nimhans suggested the only possible cure for her was to take antibiotics and she was discharged as the only way to improve her condition was through rehabilitation.

"I was devastated by seeing her condition but I never lost hope" - Santhosh

The next three years she spent in Trichy under the care of her mother and the doctors at Vasan hospital suggested that there is nothing more that could be done.Santhosh vowed to ensure he would improve his wife's condition by personally taking care of her.

He brought her back to Bangalore and has been caring for her each day since then.

My Parents wanted me to remarry, but how could I?

Santhosh misses Radhika, however, over the course of time her condition has improved. She is like a new born baby she needs to be fed through the nose as she does not know how to eat, she cannot talk and neither she recognizes any of her family members. She can only move her left hand and the right part is totally paralyzed.

Why should you contribute ?

In the last 7 years, Santhosh has spent over 50 lakhs on his wife's treatment. He borrowed funds as loans and had to return them with interest. Due to the expenses Santhosh still lives on rented house as he cannot afford to buy a house for his family.

Radhika's treatment is a combination of Ayurvedic and physiotherapy. She undergoes massage and physiotherapy every day. She also needs to fed from the nose as she does not know how to swallow the food. All of these expenses come to 60 thousand per month. The physio sessions cost around 1000 rupees per day.

All of these expenses have been borne by Santhosh since last six years and has now left him with very little money.

Santhosh owns a tiffin business and with great difficulty is managing the expenses.

Santhosh requires a sum of Rs 20 lakhs to manage the expenses for the next 2 years.

We urge all of you to support Santhosh and help him in making his wife Radhika fit again.

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