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Blood Cancer Has Landed This 12-year-old Unconscious In ICU And She Needs Help To Survive

Sravani has been fighting to stay alive in the ICU for the past 20 days. Every breath that she takes is painful. Blood cancer has ravaged her body so much that she can barely keep her eyes open. Her parents are spending every day and night in the waiting hall, begging everyone who walks by to help save their daughter. Sravani could survive this ordeal if her parents get financial assistance to continue her treatment.

‘God will heal me Amma’

On December 25th, Sravani was excited to go to the Christmas celebration at Church and dance. She was running a high fever, so her mother, Seeta Mahalaxmi, asked her to take rest. Sravani just said, ‘God will heal me Amma!’ and went to the church. A few hours later, Seeta Mahalaxmi got a call about her daughter who had fallen unconscious during the dance.

“We took to her to the doctor thinking it was just a fever. But the doctors told she had a very low blood count. We got scared. They did some tests and told us she has blood cancer. We were devastated.” - Seetha Mahalaxmi

Just as her chemotherapy started her lungs and heart got infected

Sravani is suffering from acute lymphoblastic leukemia, a severe form of cancer that affects the white blood cells that protects the body against diseases. Sravani’s immune system is weak and even a small infection can take her life. Dasu, her father, started chemotherapy for Sravani soon as he got to know she has cancer. Unfortunately, in the middle of the treatment, Sravani contracted pneumonia. When her heart and lungs began failing, she was rushed to the ICU.

“She used to run around the house happily and now she is unconscious with all those tubes covering her mouth, keeping her barely alive. Cancer has changed her drastically. She’s losing her hair. She’s losing her strength. And I’m afraid if we don’t continue her treatment, we might lose her.” - Seeta Mahalaxmi

“I’ve already lost two of my children, now I cannot imagine losing my daughter too”

Dasu lost his first wife Dhanalaxmi to cancer. He had two sons with Dhanalaxmi. To look after his two sons, Dasu married Seeta Mahalaxmi and he had a daughter with her. Dasu's younger son succumbed to a snake bite at a very young age. His elder son who was preparing for a civil exam when died of Swine Flu. Dasu is already living a life of guilt for not saving them and now he feels helpless unable to save his only daughter.

She needs to continue chemotherapy for 2 years while Dasu is struggling to afford her next chemo session

Dasu is a farmer whose income is solely dependent on the crops he grows. With the little income he earns, he could provide his family a life of ease. But now, he has sold his only source of income just to save his daughter. Even that is not enough to continue his daughter’s treatment. For the past few days, he has been begging everyone to save his daughter.

"I’ve sold 2 acres of my land for Sravani’s treatment. That wasn’t enough. So, I pleaded everyone I know to save my daughter. They’ve helped me with some funds. Even that wasn’t enough. I’ve spent Rs 20 lakhs so far and now I need Rs 12 lakhs more for her treatment. I don't know how to arrange when I have no money for her next chemo session.” - Dasu
Sravani needs to continue her chemotherapy. It's the only way she can fight cancer and her parents can save their only daughter.

Dasu and Seeta Mahalaxmi can save their only daughter with your help

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