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5-Month-Old Baby Girl With Head Swelled To Three Times Normal Size Has Only 5 Days Left For A Surgery

"My baby's head has grown three times larger than normal size. When I try to breastfeed her, my arms cannot take the weight of her head. Her brain is completely accumulated with water which has also caused infection. I spend sleepless nights thinking what I did wrong for my baby to suffer so much. Just looking at the size of her head sends a shiver runs down my spine. She is becoming sicker with every passing day and I cannot bear to lose her."- Lavanya with teary eyes.

This 5-month-old who fought death once before, is once again in danger

Srikanth and Lavanya were college sweethearts who got married right after graduation. Their happiness was doubled when after two years of marriage, the couple was blessed with a baby girl. This was the first time Srikanth's family rejoiced after the death of his brother a couple of years ago. But unfortunately, the family was told that the newborn had gulped amniotic fluid (liquid that surrounds the unborn baby during pregnancy) and was in the NICU.

"After a troubled and painful delivery, seeing my baby in the ICU was the most painful. I couldn't even cry out my pain because of the stitches on my stomach. It took her one long month to recover. Just when we thought that she is out of danger, her head started swelling. When my husband and I rushed her to the hospital, we were told that her brain is filled with fluid, and it took a while for me to process the information. I was shocked when I realized that my tiny daughter was at death's door once again," - Lavanya.

The infection which painfully enlarged her brain will soon kill her without treatment

The 5-month-old had been diagnosed with hydrocephalus, commonly known as 'water on the brain'. It is a complex condition in which too much fluid builds up and collects in the cavities deep within the brain. The excess fluid is increasing the size and adding pressure on this little baby's brain. This disease has also caused infection in her enlarged brain. Little Navena is currently on IV antibiotics to cure the infection but she is not free from danger yet. She urgently needs a ventriculoperitoneal (VP) shunt in next 5 days, a surgery that relieves pressure on her brain.

"From past 21 days, she has been given the medicines through tubes. 5 days are left to complete her course and after that doctors said that she has to immediately undergo the surgery. They said she has good scope for complete recovery. I don't know how will we arrange for the money. On the other hand, my little one who used to cry every day is not even making a tiny squeal now. I am worried that death is approaching her," - Lavanya.

Without support, the parents cannot afford the surgery in 5 days

Srikanth and Lavanya are looking for jobs and are left with no income in the family. The couple is completely dependent on Srikanth's parents - his mother sells fruits and father drives an auto.

"We feel distressed to depend on our parents. Instead of searching for jobs, we are in the hospital struggling to save our newborn. I sold my jewellery to afford ICU admission when she was born and even borrowed 8 lakhs which has been spent already. But now we are left with nothing for the surgery which is just 5 days away. We need 3 lakhs to save my little daughter, please help us," - Lavanya.

How You Can Help

5-month-old Navena's brain is completely filled with water and it has abnormally enlarged. She urgently needs a surgery to stop the pressure caused by fluid in the brain. There is a good chance of complete recovery if the surgery takes place within 5 days. But the poor parents are unemployed and cannot afford the expensive treatment. Only with help, the family can save their little daughter.

Your kind contribution will save little Navena

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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