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Less Than 24 Hours To Save This 4-year-old Girl From Losing Her Life To Liver Failure

4-year-old Nandini is not allowed to sleep. Her liver is completely damaged. She is exhausted and in pain but she cannot fall asleep even for a minute. If she does, she may slip into a coma and die. She needs a liver transplant in 24 hours without which, she will anyway lose her life.

For her birthday this year, Nandini got jaundice 

On January 17th this year, Nandini turned 4. The same morning, she was running a fever. Her mother noticed that Nandini was turning yellow. At a local hospital in Anantapur, Andhra Pradesh, this little girl was diagnosed with jaundice.  Instead of cake and chocolates, she had to take tablets and syrups. In the next few days, Nandini’s condition went from bad to worse.

“We took her to another hospital in Kurnool where they said her liver is damaged. We were shocked. I borrowed Rs 2,000 from a friend and went to Hyderabad. The entire way there, she was crying in pain. She kept vomiting and holding her tummy tight.”- Saraswathi (Mother)

Nandini is so critical that she may even stop recognizing her parents soon

Her 4-year-old liver is 100% damaged. If her transplant is delayed, she risks brain damage. The parents have been advised to watch for any signs of memory loss. She may not recognize them if her condition gets worse.

“Saraswathi and I are just sticking to Nandini at the hospital. We have not slept or had food in two days. We keep telling her stories, asking her to sing rhymes just to ensure she does not fall asleep. It pains me to think that any delay in transplant, even if it saves her life, could erase who she is.” – Manjunath (Father)

‘I will give my liver and my life if needed, but please help me save my child’

Manjunath is a farmer whose crops –peanut and tamarind - have failed this season due to poor rainfall. He had to mortgage his 5 acres of land – his only source of livelihood – for Rs 2 lakhs when Nandini’s condition worsened.  He’s spent most of that money on keeping her alive so far and just has Rs 9,000 left with him. He is her potential donor for the liver transplant, as her mother is still breastfeeding her 2-year-old brother.  But Manjunath does not have enough money for the donor matching tests.

“My family was always content in living with whatever we could afford. Now, I am saving every paisa by starving, but it will never be enough for the transplant which is going to cost us Rs. 18 lakhs. I am ready to even give my life for my baby girl, please help me” - Manjunath
The transplant needs to happen within 24 hours for Nandini to have any chance of survival. Only your contribution can save her.

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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