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Abandoned By Husband, This Deaf and Mute Mother Is Struggling Alone To Save Her Son From Cancer

Kalyani was abandoned by her husband when her son, Nanda Kishore (17) was just three years old. Since then, Kalyani has been on her own, struggling each day to provide her children with a decent life. She was determined to save her son when he was diagnosed with a dreadful disease eight months ago. Despite her disability, she took every pain and effort to get her son treated. Nanda Kishore was slowly recovering and making progress each day. He also thought of completing his studies once he comes out of the hospital. But fate wasn’t in their favour. His health started worsening even more. And now a bone marrow transplant is the only way to save him, but after doing everything in her power, Kalyani fears she won’t be able to save her son this time.

Kalyani was devastated when she got to know that her son was suffering from the same disease that she fought 2 years ago

Kalyani is deaf and mute and she has been living with her disability since her childhood. She is blessed with one son Nanda Kishore and daughter Tejasri (22). Her husband who married her fully aware of her disability, abandoned after Her whole world revolves around her children and she always strives to provide them with the best. She even fought with deadly cancer and was determined to survive for her children. But she never thought her son would have to go through the suffering that she went through two years ago.

Just when they thought he was getting better, his cancer relapsed

Nanda Kishore was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia, a severe form of blood cancer that affects the white blood cells and can be fatal if not treated in time. She took help from her relatives and others to start her son’s treatment. Nanda Kishore was slowly recovering and even started looking for colleges to pursue his higher education.  Looking at her mother struggling each day, he was determined to get a good job and take care of his mother and sister. But all his dreams and plans came to a standstill when his cancer relapsed. His sister Tejasri is a suitable donor for the life-saving transplant, but money has become a major hurdle for them. 

“My mother has struggled throughout her life just to provide us with a decent life. When my brother’s asleep, she would just sit in a corner and pray for my brother to recover soon. There are days where she would even sacrifice her meals just to provide my brother with the treatment. All the pain that she went through will go in vain if my brother doesn’t survive.” - Tejasri, sister

Having no rupee left, Kalyani is struggling to provide her son with a transplant that can save his life

Kalyani was refused work because of her disability. She looked after her children with the help of her parents. Kalyani has spent every rupee that she borrowed for her son’s treatment. With the help of kind-hearted individuals, she was able to support the expenses of his initial therapy. But now he needs a life-saving transplant that costs 30 lakhs. She cannot imagine losing her son to this fatal disease.

How you can help

Kalyani has struggled a lot to save her son from deadly cancer. She feels helpless because she can't afford the bone marrow transplant that her son needs. Only your support can help this single mother save her son.

Your contribution can help this deaf and mute single mother save her son

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