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Once An Active Child, This Boy Is Now Bedridden Because Of Cancer And Needs Urgent Treatment

Swarup used to always keep us on our toes. One moment we take our eyes off him and he would either try to take out Shona, our pet goldfish, and put it in the bucket or maybe try out some new science experiment. My entire day was spent running after him and it was only after he fell asleep that that I could put my feet up. But in the last few months, so much has changed. Swarup hardly talks now, he is so quiet that sometimes I forget if there is anyone else in the house besides me. He has become very frail because of cancer. I look at him lying down in the bed - weak and tried - and all I can do is shed silent tears.” - Sangita, mother.

A small bruise in his ankle turned out to be something dangerous for little Swarup and brought his life to a standstill

11-year-old Swarup has been diagnosed with bone cancer and a cancerous tumour has been found near his right ankle. He is undergoing chemotherapy but will also need a surgery to get rid of the tumour.


“Swarup came home one evening, limping. He wasn’t being able to put his foot down and was wincing in pain. We took him to the doctor but not once, did it cross my mind that it could be because of cancer. Despite the medicines that the doctor gave, his pain didn’t go away. So we were advised get a scan done and only then we got to know that my little boy has cancer.”  

Despite all his pain, Swarup remains hopeful about his recovery

Swarup keeps asking his parents when he will be able to go home and get back to his studies. Sometimes the pain in his ankle becomes too much for him to bear and he starts crying out loud. But this 11-year-old is hopeful that he will fight back this deadly disease and get well soon.

"The only thing that keeps me going is Swarup's determination to get well. I hope that I am able to support him always and give him the treatment that he needs."

A salesman by profession Swarup’s father is struggling to continue his son’s treatment

Somnath Dey, Swarup’s father is a salesman working in a car company. He is the sole breadwinner for his family and his meagre income is not enough to run his own family. He has already spent more than Rs 1 lakh by borrowing from relatives and even selling Sangita's jewellery. Now he needs around Rs 7.5 lakhs for Swarup’s treatment. He is no condition to arrange for this much money without external help.

How you can help

11-year-old Swarup is battling cancer and needs to continue his treatment. But his poor parents are unable to continue his treatment due to lack of funds. Your generous contribution will bring back the chirpy and happy Swarup to his parents.

Your support can give Swarup a healthy life

Supporting Document

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team. 

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