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2-Year-Old Will Lose His Life To Severe Liver Disease Without An Urgent Transplant

Little Paarth gave immense joy to his parents the moment he came into the world. However, a month after his birth, his health started worsening. His eyes and skin started turning yellow and he was constantly running a high fever. Worried, his father Nitin took him to the hospital and he was diagnosed with biliary atresia, a liver disease in which one or more bile ducts are blocked or absent. Paarth immediately underwent a procedure where the bile ducts of the liver are surgically bypassed.

“I hoped my son would get better after the procedure, but he didn’t. I would carry him in my arms and take him to the hospital, every time his stomach swells. He got admitted to the hospital thrice since the procedure was done, to remove excess water. There was no growth in his body and his weight started drastically decreasing. Now only a liver transplant can save him from this fatal condition.” - Nitin, father

Paarth underwent a liver transplant in the month of January in Bangalore, Karnataka. His parents once again hoped that he would have a healthy life. He was kept under constant observation and intensive care for 65 days as he had severe complication and infections, post-surgery. But to their dismay, the surgery was unsuccessful. Paarth’s condition is now worsening even more and needs an immediate liver transplant. He now has one more chance to get cured of this deadly disease but their dire lack of funds stands in the way.

“My son has been in and out of the hospital for 2 years now. Every day I just pray that my son gets cured so that I can take him home and keep him safe. He is unable to walk or even crawl and cries in pain every minute.

Nitin works in the IT sector and has spent about 40 lakhs for his son’s treatment. Now, affording another transplant for his son, with no resources left, is next to impossible for him. Nitin is currently working in Bangalore while Parth is undergoing treatment in Delhi. He needs your support to save his 2-year-old from this fatal condition.