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9-Year-Old Who Tried To Run Away From The Hospital To Escape The Pain Of Cancer Needs Urgent Transplant To Survive

"My 9-year-old son has cancer and he has been on treatment for 2 years. Last few days he has been confined to the hospital ward. One day, when I went to buy his medicines he managed to get down from his bed and ran to the entrance of the hospital. When the ward boys and others brought him back to the ward. He was crying aloud,"Amma, let us go from here, I'll listen to everything you say, please come. I can't bear this pain. I want to go home." I couldn't hold my tears. How can I tell him we have nothing left to save his life and if he goes home, he will not make it" - Bharathi, Mother.  

Little Lokesh is battling a deadly cancer for the second time and it is more severe now

Little Lokesh is the son of Bharathi and Jothi, a cab driver. He has a younger sister. He was born healthy and grew up very active. He did not have any significant health problems. His parents were happy to see their children grow healthy and happy. One day, while his mother was giving a bath to him, she found a swelling in his testicles and was terrified. She immediately took her to a nearby hospital. Doctors asked her to take to a hospital with better facilities. By then she knew, it is something serious. She had to wait for 2 days for the test reports but nothing could prepare her to hear that Lokesh has cancer.

Just when the doctors mentioned the word 'cancer' her world came crashing down. He was diagnosed with Acute lymphoblastic leukaemia, a form of cancer occurs when a bone marrow cell develops errors in its DNA. The blast cells can then spread into the bloodstream and accumulate in various organs. This little warrior fought like a hero for 2 long years and returned home,not knowing that cancer would attack him again.

"His little body was poked with needles everywhere. He couldn't endure the chemo, yet he managed for two long years. I was just beginning to believe that all our sorrows had come to an end, but when I saw a swelling in his neck that doctors have warned us, my hopes were shattered. Doctors told that this time cancer is even aggressive and it can spread quickly. He is throwing up everything he has, even the medicines.He is becoming weak day by day, I can't bear to see him suffer." - Bharathi.

Little Lokesh will lose his battle against cancer without an urgent transplant

Lokesh is finding it hard to be confined within the four walls of the hospital. With the little energy he has, he begs his mother to take him back to home. But he has a long way to go and only high dose chemotherapy and a bone marrow transplant can save his life.

"He asks me to bring his sister to hospital to play with her. But fearing infections we keep her away from him. He wants to know about his friends and asks me a lot of questions. I have no other choice but to remain strong. When I break into tears, he also starts crying." - Bharathi.

Poor parents have exhausted everything they had for their son's treatment and now struggling to save his life

Lokesh's father Jothi is a cab driver earning meager income. He never had an easy life, he worked hard all these years. The last two years have been very difficult. He worked day and night and spent every rupee he earned towards his son's treatment. He sold his wife's jewellery. He borrowed heavily from his friends. Even before he could pay back the debts, he had to face another blow in his life. Now he doesn't know whom to turn to for help.

"My husband  calls me every night, sometimes he breaks down. He is slowly losing his hope. He is trying all possible ways to arrange for money but nothing seems to be enough. We have already spent 10 lakh and haven't paid back.  Now, we need Rs 30 lakh for his treatment, who will give us such a huge amount?" - Bharathi.

How you can help

9-year-old Lokesh is battling a deadly cancer for the second time. He has spent 2 years in hospital and now he needs high dose chemo and a bone marrow transplant to recover completely. His parents are struggling to save him but they do not have anything left with them. Little Lokesh is desperately waiting to go back home. Only your support can help him.

Your kind contribution can help this 9-year-old to fight cancer and live a normal life

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