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Farmer Couple Survive On One Meal A Day To Save Their 4-Year-Old From Deadly Infections, But It's Not Enough

4-year-old Rakshitha has always been excited to go to school with her elder sister Sruchi (9). Sruchi calls her a 'chatterbox' because she likes to narrate stories all the time. As soon as she wakes up in the morning, she starts telling her parents and her sister about the dreams she had at night, and at times she would make up her own stories. Once back from school, she would tell them about everything that happened during the day. Rakshitha was once full of energy and spread smiles wherever she went. However, this little girl is now in the ICU, fighting for her life. It’s been a week since she has even said a single word. She hardly responds to her parents’ touch; they’re longing to hear her voice again. They call out to her and cry all the time by her bedside. Watching her suffer so much has broken them, and their inability to continue her treatment is only causing them more stress and pain. Her parents worry that they will never hear her say ‘amma’ and ‘appa’ again.  

Severe infections have left this once healthy and cheerful child nearly comatose

Rakshitha was born healthy and never had a problem with any of her growth milestones. She was very active until a week before when she suddenly fell sick and had a high temperature that refused to subside despite taking medicines. She was only getting sicker and they rushed her from the local hospital in their village in Telangana to Hyderabad in an ambulance. By the time they reached, she had lost her consciousness. Little Rakshitha was diagnosed with Sepsis, the body's overwhelming and life-threatening response to infection that can lead to tissue damage and organ failure. She was also diagnosed with multiorgan dysfunction, her lungs were severely infected and her kidneys did not function. She also has an extremely low blood count. She needs prolonged ICU stay to recover completely.

"I can't believe what has happened to my daughter. We are not educated and we don't understand the medical conditions but we know that she is in lot of pain.  I can't bear to see her lying without any movements. I was shocked when doctors told us that her kidneys are not functioning. She is just four years old but she is already on dialysis. It is painful to see her little body covered with tubes everywhere. " - Saritha, Mother.

The poor parents are desperately waiting to take their daughter back home but she hardly responds to them

Rakshitha has been in the ICU for the past 3 days. Naresh and Saritha left their elder daughter in their relative's place and rushed to Hyderabad. They do not know anyone there and have not left the hospital since then. Saritha is still in the shock and is waiting for her daughter to open her eyes and talk to her. Not even a day passed without them listening to her stories, but now, she is lying unconscious and all their lives have come to stand still.

"I have always had a difficult time putting her to sleep. She never gets tired, she keeps talking. I would force her to sleep. Now, I'm willing to do anything for her to wake up and to listen to her stories again. All we had in life is our children but now I'm not able to do anything to save my daughter." - Saritha.

The poor parents have exhausted all their resources and are left with nothing to save their daughter

Naresh and Saritha have a small piece of land on which they are totally dependent on for their survival. They earn around Rs 4000 per month. With this meager income they managed to feed their children. They borrowed money from the people in their village to start the treatment. They have spent nearly 3 lakh so far and do not have anything left to continue the treatment. Her poor parents survive on only one meal a day and save every rupee for her treatment, but sadly even that is not enough.

"The doctors say that my daughter has a good chance of recovery and she'll be normal but we don't have any means to afford the treatment. No parents should go through such a terrible situation. My wife is crying uncontrollably, I don't even have the strength to console her. We need 7 lakh and we are running out of time." - Naresh.

How You Can Help

4-year-old Rakshitha is suffering from severe infections that have damaged her internal organs. She is on ventilator support for past 3 days. She needs prolonged ICU stay to recover completely. Her poor parents are left with nothing to save their daughter. Rakshitha, an active and cheerful child needs your support to fight this deadly disease and live a normal life.

Your contribution can save 4-year-old Rakshita's life

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    The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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