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14-Year-Old Who Is On Ventilator Support Because His Vital Organs Are Failing Needs Urgent Help

“A few days back Kaushik complained that he has a fever. We took him to the doctor, gave him antibiotics, but his fever didn’t go away. In just a week, his condition has worsened so much that he had to be admitted in the ICU. He’s on ventilator support. His kidneys have stopped functioning and his lungs are infected. If I don’t continue his treatment, I’ll lose him. Please help me.” - Kamalakar, father

Kaushik never had any serious illness and now he’s fighting for life

Kaushik was always keen about his studies and he never missed a day of his school. He also loves to collect pictures of motorcycles and can tell about the name of the bike just by listening to its sound. He was very active and never had any serious illness. On February 2nd, Kaushik came from school saying that he’s body is aching and he’s having a fever. Mother Suvarchala have him antibiotics for 5 days but the fever didn’t go away. The next day, she noticed swelling near his ears and a yellow tint in his eyes. His parents grew concerned when Kaushik’s jaundice just got worse.

“We were told Kaushik had multiple viral infections in his body because of which his fever and jaundice wasn’t decreasing. The infection was affecting his other body parts also. The doctors told Kaushik needs to be kept on ventilator support otherwise he’ll not survive,” - Suvarchala with tears in her eyes

He can survive from this dreadful condition only if he continues his treatment

Kaushik was unable to breathe and he had a very high BP. He is now on ventilator support. The acid levels in his body are very high and his kidneys were unable to flush them out and so he’s on dialysis. He has been under sedatives because his body is covered with tubes and wires and even a small movement in his body can worsen his condition. Kaushik needs to stay on ventilator support and dialysis support for 4-5 days to get better.

“The doctors told he’s responding well to the treatment. He needs to stay in the hospital for a few more days. It’s the only way he can fight this dreadful infection.” - Survchala, mother

Kamalakar has to spent Rs 1 lakh every day which is three times than what he earns in a month

With the modest income that Kamalakar earns by working in a private company he could look after his family of four including his daughter Ruthika (10). But now, while his son is fighting for life, it’s been really difficult for him to arrange money for Kaushik’s treatment. He borrowed Rs 5 lakhs from his friends and relatives. He could start Kaushik’s treatment with the money he borrowed but now he’s struggling to continue his son’s treatment after exhausting all the funds he had.

“I'm spending three times of what I earn in a month for Kaushik's treatment. I’m trying my best to arrange funds, but nothing has worked out so far. Please help to continue my son’s treatment and save his life,” - Kamalakar
In such difficult times, Kamalakar and Suvarchala are left with no option but to ask for help. They’re living in constant fear of losing their son who is in a very critical condition. They are in need of your help.

Your contribution can end the parents struggle and Kaushik's suffering

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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