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Smart Young Girl Hopes To Top 10th Board Exams, But Kidney Failure May Kill Her Before That

The dialysis port on her neck puts 13-year-old Logavarshini in immense pain, but that does not stop her from doing what she loves most: studying. She has not been able to go to school after both her kidneys failed 2 months back, but books and pens are her constant companions even today. Being a class topper who has always stood in the first three ranks, it is difficult for her to imagine a life without them. She calls her friends up every day to keep track of the portions covered in class. She tells them, ‘I will be back soon’, and is confident that she will be healthy again one day, but her parents are struggling to save her.

“There is only one thing on her mind: the 10th board exams that she hopes to top next year. She is too weak even to get up from bed now, but she keeps revising her lessons so that she does not fall behind her peers. Little does my poor child know that if she does not get a kidney transplant soon, she might not be around for long to realize her dreams.”-Ethirajan, father of Logavarshini.
Logavarshini with parents, before she got so sick

Logavarshini always looked smaller than kids of her age, the reason for which shocked her parents

Logavarshini is the only child of Ethirajan and Sangeetha, who live in a small rented home in Chennai. The couple had resolved to have just one kid due to their financial constraints; and when they had Varshini (as they longingly call her), they resolved to give her the best of what their modest means could afford. The child grew up to be active and healthy and did not suffer from any health issues until she turned 13 this year. She started suffering from recurrent fevers (every 2 months), but more than that, what concerned her parents was the fact that she looked much smaller than kids in her class. They believed that a vitamin deficiency might be hampering her growth and immunity. They took her to a hospital to get to the bottom of this problem and were shocked at the doctor’s findings.

Tests revealed that she was suffering from kidney failure – both her kidneys were severely damaged. We couldn’t believe that this was why she was not growing properly. She always drank enough water and ate a balanced diet. I keep asking myself to this day what my wife and I could have done differently to prevent this. The more I ask myself this, the more I am filled with fear for my child’s life.”-Ethirajan, father.

A kidney transplant in a week’s time is the only way this resilient girl can survive

After she was diagnosed, Logavarshini’s life started revolving around frequent hospital visits as she needed to undergo three dialyses every week. But dialysis is not enough to save her life now – she needs an urgent kidney transplant within a week to bounce back to life. While her parents are struggling to make this happen, Logavarshini is very hopeful that her struggles will come to an end soon and rigorously follows all the instructions given by the doctor – to not eat salty or spicy food, especially non-veg, even though it is her favourite. After all, it was always her nature to focus on the positives even in the most difficult situations.

“Varshini is going through a lot physically and emotionally – her face has become swollen and loneliness is killing her with every passing day. But the smile on her face is always intact. She is the one who gives me the strength to go about with daily activities without worrying too much – she tells me, ‘Amma, worrying will only worsen your health’ and hugs me. My daughter is my strength even when she is so weak.”-Sangeetha, mother, with tears in her eyes.

This poor father has lied to his daughter about affording her treatment when in reality he does not have a rupee to spare

Ethirajan works as a helper in a private company in Chennai, earning as little as Rs 300 a day. When Ethirajan learnt of his daughter’s illness, he immediately borrowed Rs 2 lakhs from his colleagues at the factory. He was using the borrowed money to fund Logavarshini’s dialysis till now, but all that is exhausted now. He is left with no money for the transplant, even though his wife is a match and ready to donate her kidney. The doctors have assured him that his Varshini will be able to live a normal life if she gets the transplant soon. Time is running out for this poor father whose only wish is to see his daughter alive and well.

“My daughter knows about all aspects of her treatment, and asks me if the money for the transplant is ready. I am forced to lie to her, as I don't want her to be stressed and ruin her health. The truth is I have nothing left to save her.”

How you can help

13-year-old Logavarshini is suffering from kidney damage and stands to lose her life if she does not get a transplant on time. Being a smart student, all she is worried about is topping her board exams next year, but she may never be able to do that without help. Her poor parents do not have the means to save her.

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