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3-year-old Has Abnormal Fluid Collection In Her Stomach, She Is Unable To Eat Anything And Has Lost Weight Drastically

“Bloated stomach and hands thin to the nerve, that’s not how any parent wants to see their child. Lakshitha has not been able to eat any food in the past one month. When she looks at other children in the hospital, she looks at me as if to suggest she wants to have food. But when food is served, she is helpless because she can’t eat. She starts crying.”-Manigandan, Lakshitha’s father.

Tantrums were precursors to a critical health condition for the little girl

It all began four months ago when Lakshitha’s parents noticed bloating in the stomach. She refused food, which was completely unlike her. The girl would eat any food served, without complaints. While they were surprised, they ignored it considering that such tantrums were normal for children of her age. But, as a month passed by, things had taken a turn for the worse. The little girl had lost weight drastically. Her feet were swollen and hands so thin that nerves were all that could be seen.

Lakshitha is diagnosed with a severe liver disease

After a thorough examination of her condition for close to three weeks, Lakshitha was diagnosed with Portal hypertension with Ascites, where there is an increase in the blood pressure in the portal venous system and an abnormal buildup of fluid in the abdomen. Until the fluid is drained and removed from the system, it is impossible for the girl to think of having more than little food, which is essential for the treatment to be effective.

The girl who always smiled can hardly smile now

“She was a child of very calm-demeanour. Always smiling,but never too talkative. Lakshitha loved playing with her sister Divyashree, who is 7-years-old. Hardly comfortable talking to outsiders, she always loved being home. In the past month, there hasn’t been a single day when she hasn’t asked her mom when she can go home and play with her sister. The doctors tell us she will recover, but we can’t afford the treatment with what I could earn in the next three years,” as he reminiscences the times when his little daughter was cheerful.

This distraught father could lose his job

Maningandan works at a photo studio and earns Rs 9000/ month, only when he manages to work without absence. With hospital stay the only way for his daughter to fight the illness, he spends nights at the hospital and works during days. Ever since Lakshita was admitted to the hospital, he has been unable to report to work regularly and will earn only half of the little that he did. This has put him in jeopardy and Manigandan could lose his job at any time.

How can you help?

The doctors have assured the parents a significant improvement in Lakshitha’s condition, only if she stays in the hospital for the next one month. Manigandan had to borrow from friends, even after selling all the jewelry they had. He has spent close to Rs 1 Lakh so far and requires 4 lakhs for the surgical procedures, hospital stay and medicines.

Your support can help Lakshitha recover from a life-threatening liver disease and go back to her family

Supporting Document

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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