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8-year-old With Painfully Swollen Stomach And Damaged Liver Will Die Without An Urgent Liver Transplant

"In just two months my son's stomach has swollen to the size of a big ball. It causes such excruciating stomach pain that he cries continuously for hours. The pain doesn't allow him to do any work. He is hardly able to walk nowadays, and when he does he soon goes breathless. He just lies on a bed in one position for more than half a day and cries until he exhausts all his energy. High fever makes it even more worse for my child. He doesn't allow me to even touch him." - Madhulatha, Kiran's mother.

The fatal disease had crushed the childhood of this 8-year-old

Little Kiran was studying in grade one and school was his favorite place to spend time. But two months ago, he was attacked by a fever which did not allow him to attend classes. The parents got worried when the fever increased even after taking medicines. One night, he had severe stomach pain and his parents rushed him to the nearest hospital.
"My husband and I were told that he might have some problem in his liver. Then we immediately took him to a private hospital. After a couple of tests, we were told that his liver is increasing in size and it is severely damaged. We were shocked. The thought of our son at the door of death was unbearable. We couldn't eat or do any work for a week." - Madhulatha.

Only an urgent transplant will help Kiran survive

8-year-old Kiran is suffering from wilson's disease with chronic liver failure. The disorder causes higher than normal amount of copper in the body. An overload of copper which is poisonous has damaged this little child's liver. It has swollen the liver to the size of a big ball and his condition is very critical. He urgently needs a liver transplant without which Kiran will not survive for long.

"My son hasn't eaten properly for more than a month now, he is not able to swallow even small bits of food. The swelling of his stomach is increasing as the days pass by and so does his body pain. A few days ago, with his faint voice he said 'Amma, I couldn't walk'. I broke down in tears, we were warned that there may be a loss of physical coordination. I can see the deadly disease consuming my son." said Madhulatha with teary eyes.

Parents who earn only Rs 350 a day together, cannot save their son without help

Paparao and Mudhulatha are daily wage laborers who struggle to earn Rs 350 a day together. With this little earnings, they strive to run the house. Now the expenses of the surgery have burdened both their shoulders. From past two months, they are unable to go to work. Most of the time they are spending in a hospital or taking care of their sick son in the house.

"We have sold the only two buffalos we owned for our son's medical tests. And we have borrowed a huge sum of money from our relatives and friends for travelling and buying medicines. We somehow managed to spend 4 lakhs until now. But we have nothing left to afford the surgery which will cost 25 lakhs, the money that we have never seen in our lives. Even if we work hard continuously day and night, we won't be able to make it. We are lost in every way, please help us save our son." - Madhulatha.

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8-year-old Kiran is suffering from a disorder that causes higher than normal amount of copper in the body. It has gravely damaged Kiran's liver and his stomach is badly swollen. Only a liver transplant can save this little child from death. The poor parents have tried everything they could to save their child. But they are unable to afford the treatment that can help their son survive.

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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