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This Aspiring Chartered Accountant Is Fighting Deadly Cancerous Tumour That Can Spread Rapidly Without Help

Kavitha is the first woman graduate of her family, who always wanted to be a chartered accountant. But just when she had started to dream, she was diagnosed with cancer. Kavitha is determined to beat cancer and stay strong for her family, but it has taken away all her energy now. She is weak and almost bedridden. As she looks longingly at the applications, she got for her CA institutes, she wonders if she will ever be able to go back. More than the physical pain, she is worried that she is being a burden to her parents who are already struggling with their day-to-day lives. Affording her treatment is beyond their means.

Kavitha and her parents were shattered when they found that the swelling on her neck is a cancerous tumour

20-year-old Kavitha lives with her parents in Dindigul district, Tamil Nadu.  She knew the sacrifice her parents made to provide her with an education and other basic needs. From childhood, she was determined to study well and pull her family from poverty. Despite all the odds, her parents encouraged her to pursue higher studies. They were hopeful that she would be successful in life. But all their hopes were shattered when she was diagnosed with cancer. She had a swelling in her neck which kept growing in size. When they took her to the hospital, she was diagnosed with Ewing Sarcoma, a cancerous tumour that usually grows in bone. It started in her right chest and has an increased risk of spreading to her lungs and bone. It will turn fatal without treatment.

"She had an urgent surgery to remove the tumor. She cannot even lie down properly, the pain is unbearable. Pain killers are only not helping enough. She has become too weak and lost weight drastically. She tells me that she will be fine soon but I can see her fighting back the tears and suffering in pain." - Mani, Mother.

Kavitha is slowly losing her hope and is in emotional turmoil

Kavitha needs radiation and chemotherapy to recover completely. Due to the side effects of the intensive chemotherapy, she has shaved her head completely. When she saw herself in the mirror, she burst into tears. She knew that she has a long way to go. She can hardly get up from the bed and feels sad that she has to depend on her mother for everything. Every day she asks the doctor about when she will be discharged. She can't bear the thought that she'll be missing one year of her studies.

"We want our daughter to live.I keep telling her that she is important to us and we would do anything to save her but she knows that we are helpless. She feels defeated and I have no words to console her. It was my daughter who gave us hope all this while, now we don't know what we can do." - Mani.

Kavitha's only chance of survival is chemotherapy and radiation but her parents cannot afford it

Kavitha's father is a daily wage worker, he works on a farm and earns Rs 250 per day. Her elder brother Karthi (23) recently got a job in a private company in Chennai. He earns a meagre income. With the little money he sends them, they started the treatment but now the piling bills are beyond their means. They have been asking everyone they know to save their daughter but nothing seems to be enough.

"My daughter has never asked us for anything. She always tells us that she'll take care of us. Her only dream is to become a chartered accountant. We were thankful to God for giving her to us, now cancer threatens to take her away forever. We are just watching her suffer helplessly." - Mani.

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20-year-old Kavitha is battling deadly cancer that can kill her without urgent treatment. This young girl's hopes and dreams are now completely shattered. Her poor parents have nothing left with them to continue her treatment. They are desperately waiting for your help.

Your contribution can save this young girl from dreadful cancer and help her live a normal life

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