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This Budding Cricketer Has A Large Cancerous Tumor That Can Kill Him Anytime

Jayanta knows that he has cancer but he is unaware of what happens when one has that disease. I don’t let anyone speak to him about this. He loves cricket and that is the only thing capable of bringing a smile on his face even when he is writhing in pain because of the huge tumor in his leg. Sometimes, the pain becomes so unbearable that he just presses my hands very hard and buries his face in the pillow. Nothing I do comforts him and just looking at him makes me teary-eyed.” - Sandhya Mal, mother of Jayanta. 

No one had thought that a simple pain in Jayanta’s thighs would turn out to be a rare bone cancer

14-year-old Jayanta has been diagnosed with Ewing’s Sarcoma which is a type of cancerous tumor that grows in the bones or the soft tissue around the bones, such as cartilage or the nerves. It is a very rare form of cancer and affects only about 5 thousand cases in India are reported every year. The doctors think that only a prolonged chemotherapy can cure Jayanta of this cancer and can help him lead a healthy life.
“It was in the month of January and Jayanta was very excited about the cricket tournament in his school. One day, he returned home from the playground, and I noticed that he was limping. When I asked him the reason, he said he got hit on his legs by a cricket ball. We did not pay much attention to it thinking it was a normal bruise. Once when he had asked me to massage his legs with oil for the pain, I noticed a solid lump in one of his thighs. It was then that we realized that this was something serious and took him to the doctor. After the tests, the doctor shocked us all by saying that my son has a rare form of bone cancer.” - Sandhya. 

Jayanta with his mother, Sandhya and brother, Ananta

Jayanta is a fighter who wants to get well soon but some nights he just can’t bear the pain in his thigh

Ever since Jayanta has been diagnosed with bone cancer, he has been undergoing chemotherapy. The chemo makes him very weak and he throws up everything he eats.
“Almost every day he has fever and he is getting thinner with every passing day. During the night his pain gets worse and sometimes he can’t sleep at all. I stay awake with him during those times. He looks at me and asks with tears in his eyes, ‘Dada, when can I go home? I can’t bear this pain anymore.’ I wish I can tell him something convincing but I can’t. He has been so strong for all this while, I only hope that he gets well soon before his pain breaks him down.” - Ananta, brother. 

Cancer has made Jayanta weak but he still wears his smile

The poor family will lose their son if they don’t arrange for the funds for Jayanta’s treatment

Day by day, Jayanta’s tumor in his thigh is increasing. He suffers from excruciating pain and can hardly sit up on his own. Jayanta’s father, Sabyataran Mal, is a daily wager and he is the only earning member of the family. With a meagre salary of Rs 200-300 per day, he is in no position to arrange for 2 lakhs that is required for Jayanta’s treatment.
We have borrowed from our friends and family till now and have already spent around 4 lakhs. There is no way that my father can arrange for any more funds. He can’t even come and stay with us in Bangalore because he has to work and send us some money for our daily expenses. Everytime he calls us to ask about Jayanta he breaks down saying that he will lose his son because he has no money. I can’t imagine what he is going through.” - Ananta. 

How you can help

14-year-old Jayanta has a rare form of bone cancer and has a growing tumor in his thigh. The tumor pains continuously and he spends sleepless nights owing to the pain. The only way he can get better is through a prolonged chemotherapy that his poor family can’t afford. You help can save Jayanta’s life and help him go back to his normal life.

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