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‘I'd Rather Go To Heaven, Ammi’ 6-Year-Old Tells Helpless Mother Who Can't Save Her From Cancer

Jannathul begs the doctors to send her home every day. When they tell her that she has just a few more days of treatment left, to make her feel better, she asks “will you let me go to heaven then? I don’t want to be here anymore. I’ll be with God and He will give me everything I ask for.” Jannathul is only 6-years-old, but she’s very mature and receptive. The pain of cancer is so unbearable, that she wishes she was in heaven – where she thinks nothing can hurt her anymore. But Jannathul can get better. A bone marrow transplant can save her.

She fought cancer bravely once before

In June 2017, when Jannathul had a high fever that did not subside for weeks and severe body pain, her parents took her to hospital. She was diagnosed with blood cancer and was immediately admitted to a government hospital.  She and her mother Faridah Begum waited for the day she would be discharged. Finally, the day came in June 2018. They thought that their worst days were behind them. Jannathul was able to go to school again, she played with her sister. She  even won 1st prize for reciting 20 'Thirukkural' (Tamil poetry). 

Jannathul celebrating her 6th birthday - her parents got her favourite pink coloured cake

However, in January 2019, a follow-up test showed that her cancer has relapsed and this time she needs chemotherapy and a bone marrow transplant as well to stop cancer from spreading to other parts. This time, her parents took her to a better hospital. They want to do everything possible to save her.

"I'm too scared and exhausted to think about the long fight in front of us,  - surgery, more chemo, more pain for my daughter who has been through so much trauma already. I want nothing but to leave this hospital for good - to take her home with me. " - Faridah Begum.

Proud Jannathul with her award

"We have no one to help us, our own family members have deserted us"

Jannathul's father Mohammad Ansar now stays at home to take care of her elder daughter Nilofer Nisha (13). He prepares food at home, sends her to school and then brings food to the hospital. Jannathul doesn't let Faridah leave her for even a minute. Their relatives are now nowhere in sight - they don't answer their phone calls, let alone visit Jannathul in the hospital. They have no one to help them through these difficult times.

"My husband and I try to get through the days and find some strength but it is a struggle to remain positive. The thought of losing her foever never leaves my mind. I'm scared all the time."- Faridah Begum.

"I got only 5000 from insurance- her medicines  alone costs more than that for a day"

Mohammad Afsar works in a small hotel as a cook, and makes tea and snacks. He is paid Rs 600 per day. His earning was enough for their basic needs and he didn't have any savings. Jannathul's diagnosis came as a big blow to them. He has received only Rs 5000 as insurance so far. He needs 26 lakh for the treatment which is absolutely beyond his means. He cannot save his daughter without your help.

Nothing is worse than a 6-year-old talking about death, this precious child can live a cancer-free life with your help

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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