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Father Who Earns Only Rs. 250/day Can't Afford His Baby's Only Chance Of Survival - A Heart Surgery

Nothing can prepare a parent for the shock of discovering that there is something gravely wrong with their baby. When Sarala and Selvapathy were told about their baby Jai Seelan's heart disease, they felt like helpless and everything looked very bleak. Suddenly the joy of impending parenthood turned tragic. The excitement of planning for a future for him disappeared and was replaced with fear and anxiety. Every moment of bonding with the baby was accompanied with the fear of losing him.

Baby Jai Seelan is now 1-year-old and his condition has worsened - only an urgent heart surgery can save his life.

The long road of struggle began when he was just 10-days-old

Jai Seelan was a seemingly healthy baby and his parents took him home with so much happiness. He was just 10-days-old when baby Jai suddenly turned blue and struggled to breathe. His parents were terrified and rushed him to the hospital. After a long wait, they found out that baby Jai has multiple heart defects, that causes oxygen-poor blood to flow out of the heart and into the rest of the body, his pulmonary valves are not properly formed and arteries, that supply blood to the lungs, are underdeveloped. Initially, they were told that there are possibilities to cure him with medicines and also he was severely underweight for a surgery.

One of the rare days when baby Jai Seelan had a 'normal' day

"The memorable moments with him were only the first 10 days, after that everyday, we live in constant fear of losing him. Most of the days he turns blue. Sometimes he plays with his toy cars and runs around the house, but within a few minutes he falls short of breath. We have never given him anything cold because doctors have told us that a simple cold or fever can make his condition worse. We tried to protect him in every little way possible." - Sarala, Mother

A surgery can save his life but his parents cannot afford it

The beginning of 2019, that gave new hope to many, turned out to be the worst nightmare for Sarala and Selvapathy. Just on the first day of the new year, when everyone around them was celebrating, they had to take their baby to the hospital. Despite the parents best care, baby Jai got severe cold and every breath was a struggle for him.

"Doctors said that only a heart surgery can save his life. For a moment I felt relieved after knowing that there is a chance to save my son but the time given and the cost of the treatment is beyond our means. I did not know how to comfort my wife. He has just started calling us 'Amma' and 'Appa' and he holds us tightly, refusing to move. We cannot imagine losing him." - Selvapathy.

Help this little one survive his failing heart

Selvapathy works in a printing press and earns Rs. 250 per day. He has been borrowing money to buy medicines and pay for the check-ups, scans and injections. He is already in debts and now he needs Rs 2.65 lakhs which is beyond his means. Baby Jai's heart is failing and only a surgery can save his life. Your contribution can put an end to the baby's pain and the poor parents' trauma.

"My wife is taking care of my baby at home and I'm running everywhere to arrange for money. Seeing our pathetic condition, even my elderly mother has started working as domestic help in nearby houses. It is so painful to see everyone struggling. I feel extremely guilty that I'm not able to do anything for my son. All I want in life is my son to be healthy, we wouldn't ask for anything else in life" - Selvapathy.

You can help baby Jai Seelan fight heart disease and live a normal life

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  The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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