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Farmers Who Lost Their Crop Are Struggling To Save Their Only 2-Year-Old From Death

"My only son is fighting death. A rapidly spreading infection has completely damaged his liver. Though he cannot talk, as a mother I know that my child is in excruciating pain that makes him to cry day and night continuously. We had invested everything into farming, but ended up losing this year’s crop because of low rainfall. Now we are left with nothing to save him. Without an urgent transplant, this deadly disease will kill my son. We are completely lost and cannot watch our son suffer anymore.” - Chandrakala, Baby Basavaraj’s mother.

Baby was born without an organ, has been suffering since birth

Little Basavaraj has been fighting from the day he came into this world. He was born without a gallbladder in his body but his parents were unaware of it. When he was 3 months old, he vomited blood and couldn’t breathe properly. He was rushed to the hospital and was immediately admitted to the intensive care. Unfortunately, he also suffered intestine obstruction. He underwent a surgery and was on a ventilator for a month.

"We were shocked and terrified at the turn of events. He was always a happy and healthy kid, all this came as a shock to us. Ever since the diagnosis, we have taken extra care of him. We made sure he had healthy food and never left him alone. We were happy that he was recovering soon. But a year later, he is fighting death again." - Chandrakala.

With every passing second, the infection is getting worse and only an urgent transplant can save him

2-year-old Little Basavaraj is suffering from biliary atresia, a disease of the liver where bile ducts are blocked, or absent. Cells within the liver produce a liquid called bile which helps to digest fat. Bile can't flow into the intestines, so it builds up in the liver in the form of infection and damages it. He urgently needs a liver transplant, without which he may not live for longer.

"My son has a high fever. His stomach is terribly swollen and it hurts him so much that he cries inconsolably. My heart breaks to see my child in such horrible pain at this tender age. All I can do is to wipe his tears, I feel helpless."  - Chandrakala.

These poor farmers have not only lost their crop but also the hope of saving their only son

Manjunath and Chandrakala are farmers in a small village in Raichur district, Karnataka. The family's livelihood is completely dependent on the weather. Sadly, due to low rainfall they lost all the crops and are in huge debts now. They are struggling to afford even two square meals a day. The couple has borrowed a huge sum of money at a high interest rate for the first surgery. They have spent 20 lakhs so far and they are not in a position to afford another 18 lakhs for the life saving surgery.

How You Can Help

2-year-old Baby Basavaraj's liver is severely infected and damaged. Only an urgent liver transplant can save his life. The poor couple has exhausted all their money and are in dire need of help to save their only son.

Your kind contribution can save baby Basavaraj

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team. 

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