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A Fatal Cancerous Tumor Will Spread Rapidly And Kill This 4-Month-Old Without Urgent Treatment

“It looked like a boil on my baby’s right thigh. Before we could realise what was happening, it had become a fatal cancerous tumour. My husband, Haripada and I didn't waste time in taking him to the doctor. But when the diagnosis came, we were shocked! We had no idea that even a baby as young as 4-month-old could have cancer. For first time parents, the trauma of hearing this is way more than one can imagine. We have to save him at any cost, but I don't know how,” Pallabi, Hiran’s mother.

The sudden news of their baby's cancer shook the new parents

In spite of acute poverty, Haripada and Pallabi wanted to give their child a better life that he deserves. No tests or scans during Pallabi’s pregnancy could give the parents a hint about the worst. They were overjoyed when they held baby Hiran for the first time. Before Hiran could get used to his home, he was already in the hospital struggling to live.

“A month went by to understand the reason of the boil on my baby’s leg. The boil grew and became the size of a tumor. His right thigh became so swollen in just a month. Knowing that he has cancer, shook us to the core. He’s so small that he can’t even tell us that he is in so much pain.”

This rare cancer shattered Pallabi's dreams for her baby

Baby Hiran has a rare form of cancer called embryonal rhabdomyosarcoma. This is a condition in which cancer develops in the skeletal muscle. Without immediate treatment, this cancer will spread to all parts of his body and can become fatal at any moment.

“The only thing we wanted was a healthy life for our baby. I had told Haripada that I want my baby to become educated so that he doesn’t have to live a life of poverty like us. All our dreams came crashing down. I have started believing that poor people are meant to suffer throughout their lives.”

The parents are struggling very hard to save every rupee for their baby's life

It is difficult for Pallabi to even understand if her baby is in too much pain. Hiran doesn’t cry much and tries to play. The parents are struggling very hard to gather every rupee to save their baby.

“When we came from Bengal to Bangalore, I took up a house on rent. I had brought some money from home. After we ran out of money, I could no longer afford the rent. Now, I am staying in the hospital corridors. Food, sleep or even using the washroom is a problem here. But our problems are nothing as compared to my baby’s pain. I want to free him of all pain,” Haripada, Hiran’s father.

With no income, it’s very difficult for Haripada to save his baby son

It’s been 2 months that Haripada and his family are staying in Bangalore. Haripada used to harvest rice and vegetables. For 2 months, he has no work and hence no income. He felt ashamed to ask his old parents for help. But that was the only way. His parents borrowed from relatives and villagers to send money to save Hiran.

“As a farmer, there’s hardly anything that I have been able to save up. The little money we had is gone now. Spending Rs 2 lakhs in just 2 months is way beyond my means. Every day passes in uncertainty. There’s uncertainty of everything – of food, of shelter even uncertainty of our baby’s life. My baby hasn’t even lived, he doesn’t deserve death. All I know is that I need to save my baby at any cost.”

How you can help

4-month-old Hiran is suffering from a rare form of cancer. The only treatment that can save him now is a chemotherapy. The cost required to save him is Rs 3.5 lakhs and he will not live without help.

Your support can help the first time parents save their only baby.

Supporting Documents

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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