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Their Newborn Almost Died A Few Months Ago, Now These Parents Risk Losing Their Son To Cancer

Ramesh and Prema never say the word ‘hospital’ around their 3-year-old. It’s the one word that sends him into a frenzy. They say they're taking him to the ‘ooru’ (village) instead. It’s the only way they can get him out of the house without him kicking and screaming. Hemanth has blood cancer.

We almost lost our newborn a few months ago, and now our 3-year-old son is fighting cancer. We’re on the verge of losing him to a disease which we had only seen in movies.” – Ramesh, father
Hemanth was a happy child before his grave diagnosis

The little one is fighting cancer away from his mother

Six months ago, when Prema was in her 9th month of pregnancy, she needed an emergency c-section because of the position of the baby. It put her and her baby’s life in danger. Their baby survived, and Prema is still recovering from that surgery. She can’t be with Hemanth during his chemotherapy.

He misses his mother a lot. He cries for her, but she can’t leave the baby, and neither can she bring him to the hospital. The risk of infection is too high, for the baby and Hemanth. Every time he cries, I call her on the phone. Only her voice can calm him down.” - Ramesh

His father has spent 1 lakh in 1 week on his treatment

Ramesh earns around Rs. 250 per day working on others' farms in Attibele, Karnataka. Nearly two weeks ago the doctors first told him that his son has blood cancer and would need 6 months of chemotherapy to fight it. Ramesh had only a few hundreds left with him that day. He was worried he wouldn't be able to start the treatment.

In just the first week, I've had to sell the jewellery we had, just to start his treatment. My weekly earnings are nowhere close to what I’ve spent.I have never been able to spend more than 500 in a week – on food and household needs. Now I’ve spent 1 lakh in 1 week on his treatment.” – Ramesh 
The only time Prema could be with Hemanth in the hospital - she could stay only for an hour
As shocking as his diagnosis is, the only way Ramesh and Prema can save him is if they can afford 14 lakhs for his chemotherapy. He needs it for 6 months. With his income, Ganesh has to pay rent, run the house and feed his family of four. The treatment is more than he can manage. Hemanth needs your help before it’s too late.

With your support, Hemanth can go back to nursery, cancer-free and with a healthy future ahead of him.

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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