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At 2, A Big Scar On Helen's Stomach Tells The Painful Story Of Her Fight Against Deadly Disease

The only time 2-year-old Helen smiles is when her father, Shal, paints her nails. She loves spending time with her father, playing with her dora doll and eating puttu for dinner. But now every time she visits the hospital, she cries uncontrollably and asks to be taken back home. With each day, Helen’s pain only increases as do her parents’ struggle.

New scars every month mars baby Helen’s childhood

Since her liver transplant which took place in 2017 April, Helen and her family keep coming to the hospital every month.

“We thought, the transplant would be the solution, it will save our only child and bring us all out of this misery of seeing our little Helen suffer so much, but even before her scars could heal, there were new scars."

Helen had Biliary Atresia, which caused abnormality in her liver and bile ducts, increasing her jaundice level, weight loss, irritability, dark urine. After the first surgery (KASAI), which took place in Mysore, the doctor treating her assured of success. Unfortunately, it did not work out, and Helen would soon need a liver transplant.

Her body will reject the new liver without your help

Although the liver transplant was successful, Helen keeps getting fever, coupled with severe infections and even Herpes. When she was admitted to the hospital, herpes had taken over her mouth, lips, and tongue, causing acute pain, bleeding and difficulty in having food. The doctors say, the body is adjusting to the new liver. It might even reject the liver if she doesn't get proper treatment.

Money, friends and family are all falling short of giving Helen a better life

Shal is spending more money than he is bringing in. He works in a school as an accountant, earning Rs 15,000 a month while his ageing father is a driver earning almost rs 13,000/month. For Shal, each and every penny is accounted for, whether it goes into the hospitals, treatments, precaution or conveyance. “We cannot afford to risk more infections so we cannot travel in public transport, with Helen, neither can we keep her in a general ward with other kids, and the prices are huge,” says Shal. Every time they travel from Kodagu to Bangalore in a private car, it costs them Rs 7000, to and fro.

Shal, who has to manage both his job and being a father, cannot afford to take up another job, couldn’t if he wants to. Every since the liver transplant, Shal has already exhausted his leaves, plus, “Helen needs constant medical attention, I am having a tough time maintaining the current job.” Although Shal wants to help his family out of this situation, he has already exhausted his resources, even help from friends and was not enough.

You can help Helen, live a normal life, every child deserves

To sustain these recurring hospital costs and post-surgery care Shal needs at least 5 lakh, and you can help Helen and her family come out of this misery.

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.
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