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A Tragic Accident Has Left This 23-Year-Old Chartered Accountant In Coma, Needs Urgent Help

She is the first one in our village to clear CA exams and it was a proud moment for everyone when she secured a job soon after. Everybody praised my daughter for her achievement and saw her as a role model. Hardika has always been a fighter. She always worked hard to achieve what she wanted. But now she is in the ICU battling for life each day and I don't hve the resources to save her.” - Madhu, mother

Hardika was a high school topper who always worked hard to achieve the unachievable

Hardika was a bright student in her village. She cleared her CA exams in the first attempt and worked hard to achieve her dreams. She actively participated in extracurricular activities like dancing in school. She even looked after her CA coaching expenses by taking tuitions on the side. Her parents were over the moon when Hardika cleared CA exams in the first attempt and even got a job in a medical company as a chartered accountant.

Hardika before she met with the accident

We were the happiest when our daughter got a job. She said, ‘Papa, now you need not earn money for us.’ She always talked about providing us with a better and comfortable life. She is our pillar of strength and our first love whom we cannot bear to lose. She selflessly cared for others and always put others needs before hers. Never in our worst nightmare did we thought that something terrible like this would happen to my daughter.” - Bhavesh Jadav, father

Hardika met with an accident that left her brain damaged because of which she went into a state of coma

A month after Hardika got the job, Hardika got severely injured in a hit-and run accident. She was riding a 2-wheeler with her friend and a speeding 4-wheeler hit her vehicle. Her friend managed to escape with minor injuries, but Hardika had multiple brain injuries. There was internal bleeding in her brain and she underwent an immediate surgery. After the surgery, she was diagnosed with critical injuries in the left and right side of the brain because of which she went into coma. She needs to undergo a surgery once she comes out of the coma.

“I was completely devastated when I got the news. I felt as if my whole life got shattered. And we are making our best effort to help our daughter come out of coma. The doctors said though she is unconscious, she could still hear us. And so we talk happily in front of her and constantly motivate her with positivity. We try to stay positive in front of her and talk about things that would cheer her up. Now we’re even playing her favourite songs.” - Madhu, mother

Bhavesh has exhausted the little savings he had and is now running low on funds

With the little savings he had and with the help that he got from his friends and relatives, Bhavesh could look after the surgery and expenses. He has a younger son Agney (17) who is about to enter college. It’s been really difficult for Bhavesh to look after his son’s education when his daughter is battling for life in ICU. He has put all his earnings and his savings into Hardika’s treatment and needs your help to look after the treatment expenses.

“It is because of my daughter's good deeds that we are able to get help. Everyone who knows Hardika has contributed some money for her speedy recovery. With the help of my relatives and the little savings I had, I could look after the expenses. But now, I’m running low on funds to save my daughter. I would fail as a father if I couldn’t save my daughter and I’m ready to go any extent to help her.” - Bhavesh, father

How you can help

Hardika has multiple brain injuries because of which she is in coma. She needs to undergo a brain surgery which can help recover from the injuries. Her parents are trying their best to help their daughter come out of coma. With the little savings that Bhavesh had and with the help of his relatives, he could look after the expenses, but now he’s running low on funds. He needs your support to save her daughter who battling with life in ICU

Your support can help Hardika live

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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