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This 5-Month-Old Baby Will Lose His Life Without Urgent Treatment

Little Gowtham has just turned 5 months and started to crawl on his own. It gave his parents, Narender and Kalyani, immense joy to see their little one grow up. Gowtham was the happiest when his elder brother Dhanush (8) played with him and would happily clap his hands every time Dhanush sang songs to him. Gowtham was so happy and healthy that no one ever imagined anything terrible happening to him. Narendra and Kalyani only prayed for his good health. However, last month, baby Gowtham fell terribly sick.

In just a day, my baby's life changed drastically. He started vomiting everything he ate and drank. We didn't understand what was happening to him or why despite medicines, he wasn't getting better. Now, it's been one month and my son hasn't been able to eat any solid food or even drink milk because of his severe disease. Every time I try to feed him, he instantly throws it up. The doctors said that even a slight delay in the treatment can worsen my son’s condition and eventually kill him. I want to save my son from this dreadful disease. But we have no money left.”  - Kalyani, mother

Every day that he goes without treatment, he risks complete dehydration, or worse, death 

Little Gowtham is suffering from chronic diarrhoea, a condition due to which Gowtham has uncontrollable loose motions and vomiting every day. His condition is so critical that he has been passing loose watery stools 30 times a day for the past one month. He loses all the essential minerals and proteins because of this, and he's growing weaker with each passing day. He has been in the ICU for one month now, and needs to stay for 14 days more to recover from this fatal condition.

“He cries uncontrollably every day. The only time he doesn't cry is when he sleeps. Day after day his condition is only worsening and all I can do is just pray for him to recover soon. Every day my elder son calls me and asks me about Gowtham. I lie to him saying that he’s fine now and we’ll come home the next day. I couldn’t tell Dhanush that we cannot afford his little brother’s treatment and he might not survive.”- Kalyani, mother

Little Gowtham playing with his elder brother Dhanush

After exhausting all the money that he borrowed, Narender is struggling to save his son

With the little income that Nagender earns by working in a private company as an agent, he could not afford the treatment that his son needs. He borrowed money from relatives and even sold his wife’s jewellery just to look after his son’s treatment and save him. He has spent 3 lakhs so far for little Gowtham's life-saving treatment. Unfortunately, Kalyani and Nagendra have exhausted all the money they had borrowed and now with no resources left, the poor parents are constantly living in the fear that they might lose their son.

How you can help

Nagender and Kalyani tried everything they could to save their son. But now with no money left for the treatment, they fear that their son might breathe his last. Little Gowtham needs 15 more days of ICU stay to recover and only your help can save him.

Your support can save this little one's life

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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