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Despite All Odds, This Mother Is Determined To Save Her 1-year-old Baby Girl's Life

"When I got pregnant for the second time, my intuition said that it would be a girl. I was very happy about her arrival. My 5-year-old son was very excited and he would tell stories to her in the womb. I keep telling my husband that we should treat both our son and daughter equally and should not stop her from going to school like how most of the parents do in my village. Her arrival felt like a ray of hope in my life but within few hours of her birth all my dreams turned into fears. I have always imagined her to be a strong, but just at looking at her I was shattered. She was very weak, her eyes were yellow in color, she just refused to stop crying for hours." - Aadimalar, Mother of 1 year-old Gokula Sree.

Little Gokula never gained weight and as days passed by she became weaker

1-year-old Gokula's life has been about shuttling between home and hospital in this 1 year and this little one has been enduring so much of pain since her birth. She was born with jaundice and she fought for more than a month. Aadimalar could bring her little bundle of joy to her small house after a month. Contrary to Aadi's dreams, baby Gokula was very inactive and looked very pale. She was hoping that her daughter would be fine and little did she know about the more shocking news in store for her.

Baby Gokula has very low blood count due to a rare blood disease that cause severe anemia and weakness

When baby Gokula was just 4-months-old she was diagnosed with a rare disease called  Pyruvate Kinase Deficiency, it is a genetic blood disease characterized by low levels of an enzyme called pyruvate kinase which is used by red blood cells. Without it, red blood cells break too easily resulting in prolonged jaundice, enlargement of spleen. With small children it becomes severe because the immune system will be totally damaged and turn fatal too. The only curative treatment is an urgent bone marrow transplant.

"When she fell sick again we suspected dengue fever but when doctors  said that it is something serious than dengue I was shocked. Her blood count dropped drastically and since then she is given blood transfusion every now and then. Doctors said we cannot continue doing this for long time because the iron content in her blood can increase and cause more problems. I don't know what I can do to save her. I wanted her to grow as a strong person, but now she falls down for every little step she takes, she is too weak.  Now all I wish is to see a smile in her face. I can't bear to see her suffering in pain." - Aadimalar.

The past 1 year has been a roller coaster for Aadimalar and her poor family. Her son Yogesh (5) was waiting to tell stories to his little sister and share his toys with her. Unfortunately he has hardly spent any time with her. He now misses spending time with her mother too because Aadi is always busy taking care of Gokula in hospital. Yogesh is finding it hard to stay away from his mother. Aadi promises to go back to him soon but deep inside she fears she might never be able to take her baby home.

"Our life has never been an easy one. We can have food only when we manage to find a job. For some unknown reason, I felt very hopeful when I was pregnant with Gokula.  I had so many plans for her. For everyone around me, being poor and having big dreams was contradictory, but I never had any doubts. I always believed that I have all the strength to raise my two children successfully but now reality kills me. I now realize that I can't do anything to save my daughter and it pains to watch her suffer and not do anything about it. My son is a matching donor but I can't afford the transplant." - Aadimalar.

Poor parents are losing their hope and they are desperately in need of help to save their precious baby

Aadimalar's husband Karuppaiah works in a small company and earns Rs 6000 per month. He cannot afford to take even one day off. At this point of time, every rupee counts for him but no matter how much ever he works, 10 lakh that is needed for the transplant is beyond his means. He leaves early in the morning, after his work, he runs to everyone to borrow money yet it is insufficient.

"When he comes late night to the hospital, his eyes are always filled with tears. He feels terrible to face us. We do not have strength to even talk to each other. We just sit in silence and cry looking at our baby. Doctors have told us we have very little time and our baby will not make it without a transplant. We don't know what we can do to save our daughter's life." - Aadimalar.

How you can help

1-year-old baby Gokula suffers from a rare blood disease. She is surviving only with blood transfusions but this can also threaten her life because of the risk of increase in iron content. She is too weak and in terrible pain since her birth. Only a bone marrow transplant can save her life. Her poor mother, once a strong woman is now shattered and desperate waiting for a help. Only your help can save her life.

Your kind contribution can save 1-year-old baby Gokula's life

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   The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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