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Desperate Father Struggles To Save 2-Year-Old Whose Lungs Will Fail Without Urgent Treatment

My 2-year-old baby boy had just started speaking a few days back; Every time he called me ‘Nanna’ (father) with a smiling face, I would feel so happy. Now he is in intensive care, lying motionless, his eyes closed and his face covered in tubes. I call out his name, hoping he would open his eyes and smile at me. But he doesn’t. I just stand there and tearfully pray for him to get better so that I can see his smiling face once again.” - Rama Krishna, father

Little Harsha Vardhan had just started going to school when he got  recurring cough and fever

Rama Krishna lives with his family in Godavarikhani, Telangana. He is blessed with two boys. His elder son Harsha Vardhan is always a happy and playful child. He had just started going to play school. It gave Rama Krishna immense joy to take his son to school and wait for him near the school gate at the end of the day. He would often get cough, but with timely medication, it would soon subside.  His parents did not have any reasons to fear for his health. He was 'normal' like any other kid.

Harshavardhan when he was happy and active

A few months back, when Harsha Vardhan was having a high fever, Rama Krishna got worried and took him to local hospital. After a few tests, he was diagnosed with malaria. He was given medication and was recovering slowly. But when Harsha started having severe cough again and was unable to breathe, Rama Krishna was scared and immediately rushed him to the hospital in Karimnagar, Telangana.

“I was extra cautious about my son since the time he was born. Even if he gets small fever or cough, I would immediately take him to doctor. His condition started worsening when he started having severe cough. He threw up everything that he ate or drank. He is extremely weak. I can't bear to see my son in such a terrible condition.”

His lungs are severely infected and he struggles to breathe without ventilator support

As per the local doctor’s advice, Rama Krishna took Harsha to Hyderabad. He was diagnosed with severe pneumonia because of which the functioning of lungs and the oxygen levels in the lungs is very low. Harsha’s lungs will slowly fail to function if he’s not kept on ventilation support. He’s currently in ICU making progress every day. He needs to be kept in ICU for 20 more days to recover from this deadly condition.

“It’s been six days since my son is in intensive care. I have no place to go and I eat and sleep in the hospital corridor. I couldn’t muster the courage to tell my wife about our son’s critical condition yet,  fearing she might breakdown.  She is taking care of our 3-month-old son and I don't want to alarm her.”

Rama Krishna has exhausted all his resources and is struggling very hard to afford his son’s treatment

Rama Krishna repairs mobiles, with the little income he earns, he has to take care of his 3-month-old baby and his wife who is unaware of Harsha’s critical condition. He took a loan of 6 lakhs at high interest. He has nothing left to take care of the expenses of his son’s treatment.

I have spent 6 lakhs in just 6 days for my son’s ICU stay. I think about nothing but how to arrange money for the next day.  I cannot imagine losing my son."

How you can help

Little Harsha Vardhan had just started going to play school when his health worsened. But now he’s in ICU battling for life because of the poor functioning of his lungs. He is now kept on ventilator support and is making progress each day. He needs to stay in ICU for 20 days but money has become a major constraint for Rama Krishna who has exhausted all the money he borrowed. He needs your help to help his son recover.

Your support can help Rama Krishna save his son

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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