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Poor Parents' All 3 Kids Have Severe Liver Disease, They Cannot Afford To Save Even One Of Them

"Every morning I see other kids near my house happily going to school while my children can barely walk due to a severe liver disease that is plaguing them all. My younger daughter Martha (2) got completely bedridden even before she could take her first steps and my elder daughter Laxmi (4) barely walks on her own and needs constant support. My elder son Durga Prasad’s (7) condition is worst compared to my other kids as told by the doctors. He has stopped eating food and cries every day because of unbearable pain in his swollen stomach. It’s been really difficult for me to see all my children suffer each day because of their failing liver. I want to end this painful misery for at least one of them. Please help me." - Chinni, mother.

‘We have to take our children to the hospital 15 times a month to ease their pain’

Durga Prasad was born hale and hearty. And Chinni found happiness in watching her elder son grow up in their little hut in Samarlakota, Andhra Pradesh. Durga Prasad was just 2 years old and started walking on his own when his stomach started swelling up. He was diagnosed with glycogen storage disease, a condition where the liver cannot control the glycogen and glucose levels causing abnormal amounts of glycogen levels in liver causing liver failure. Because he was too young to undergo a transplant, the doctors asked the parents to wait. To the family's horror, not only Durga Prasad, but his sisters Laxmi and Martha were also diagnosed with the same disease when they were just a few months old. 

Poor parents have spent most of their days and nights running around the hospital holding their little kids in their arms. It breaks their heart looking at all their children cry in pain because of their swollen stomach. Chinni has no words to describe the pain she’s going through watching at all her children suffer and could only say, ‘There are days when all my children at once would complain about the unbearable pain in stomach. I feel so helpless for I don’t even know whom to attend to or how to comfort them all at once.’

An old photo of Durga Prasad at his home

‘I’m even ready to donate my liver to save my son’

Venkanna and Chinni could keep Durga Prasad’s condition from worsening by providing timely treatment and medication. But now even that is not helping Durga Prasad. Durga Prasad bleeds uncontrollably from his nose and mouth. He cannot even stand on his own and needs his parents support constantly. Even though he tries to, he falls down immediately and starts crying until Chinni comes and helps him.
“We thought he might get better with medicines and treatment but he didn’t. Now only a liver transplant can save my son. I’m even ready to donate my liver if that is what it takes to save my son but we have nothing left to afford the transplant.” - Chinni, mother.

Poor parents have spent more than they could ever imagine

Venkanna works as an auto driver earning a meagre income of Rs 300 per day and Chinni sells phenyl bottles to earn extra income of Rs 150 whenever Venkanna is taking care of their children. Everything that they earn is mostly spent on their children’s treatment. Having not a single rupee left, affording a liver transplant of 25 lakhs is next to impossible for them. They have spent 6 lakhs so far just for their elder son’s treatment and much more than that for their daughters treatment. ‘We have gone beyond our means to keep our son alive, but even that isn’t enough. I’m afraid I’ll lose my son without help.’ says Venkanna who is desperately struggling to save his son.

Venkanna and Chinni need your help to save their children

Venkanna and Chinni have been constantly struggling to look after their children whose liver is rapidly failing. Laxmi and Martha’s are currently undergoing regular treatment to keep their health from deteriorating. But Durga Prasad’s life is at risk as the medication and treatment are not helping him now. Only a liver transplant can save this little kid, and these poor parents can only beg for your help.

Your contribution can end this little one's misery

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