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8-Year-Old Suffering From Liver Disease Fears He Will Lose His Life Without Urgent Liver Transplant

Every morning as he wakes up, he sees his pillow covered with blood and screams, “Amma, there’s blood everywhere! What happened to me, amma?’  I would say there's nothing to worry about and he will be fine. How can I tell him he will lose his life because his poor parents have failed to get help to save his life. He has lost interest in playing games with his friends or dancing to his favourite songs, fearing it might give him nose bleeds. My son constantly lives in the fear that something bad might happen to him when all I want him to be happy and carefree like he was before.” - Padmaja, mother

Dheeraj was an active kid who always participated in school activities and made his parents proud

Little Dheeraj is his parents's only son and is very pampered. He never missed a day of his school and always scored the highest in his class. He also loved playing cricket and actively participated in every sports event in his school, be it running or high jump. He also loved dancing and would always perform whenever there used to be some family function at his home. 

Dheeraj before his condition started worsening

“Every time he sees Virat Kohli hitting a six or four, he would jump and scream out of joy. He loves cricket and would go out with his friends to play cricket. He started having fever one day and I worriedly took him to the hospital. After a few tests, he was diagnosed with jaundice. He was growing weak and exhausted every day. He was given medication but the jaundice kept on recurring and his condition was worsening.”

Dheeraj has chronic liver disease because of which he vigorously bleeds

Everything that Dheeraj loved to do became a thing of past when he was diagnosed with chronic liver disease. When jaundice didn't subside, he underwent some tests and he was diagnosed with chronic liver disease. He gets uncontrollable bleeding from his nose whenever he plays. When he’s in school and taking some notes, he would see drops of blood falling from his nose and he would feel helpless and terribly scared. He also gets swelling in the stomach because of which he couldn’t eat anything and now he gets blood in urine. Because of the excess bleeding he gets weak and tired and it scares him to even more from his bed. 

With medication, the swelling and the bleeding is controlled, but it appears again once the medication is stopped.  Now only a liver transplant within 2-3 weeks can cure Dheeraj of this fatal condition. Dheeraj's mother is a suitable donor for the transplant, but money has become a big obstacle.

“I made every effort to not let my son know about his condition, but he came to know about it. I hear him tearfully saying to his friends that he cannot play with them any more. He cannot even concentrate on his studies because of the weakness. He would constantly ask me for how long he needs to go through such pain, I would just say that he will get better once the operation is done. I cannot see my son going through such pain.

Dheeraj’s mother is the sole breadwinner of the family now and cannot afford his treatment expenses

Padmaja works in a pharmacy as a store manager earning Rs 8000 per month, while Dheeraj’s father Shridhar has stopped working since Dheeraj was diagnosed with jaundice. With some help from her relatives, she could look after the treatment expenses, but now she has not a penny left for the surgery and is in dire need of help to save her son.

“I cannot imagine a life without my son and I took every pain and struggle to help him recover from this fatal condition. With some help, I could somehow manage to look after his treatment expenses but now I’m left with nothing. He’s my only son and all I can do is plead for help.”

How you can help

Dheeraj is diagnosed with chronic liver disease. He gets uncontrollable bleeding from his nose and has severe swelling in stomach which is controlled through medication. He needs to undergo an urgent liver transplant otherwise he condition might get worse and would risk his chances of survival. Dheeraj with each passing day, fears that he will lose his life and he needs your kind support to survive this fatal condition.

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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