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1-Year-Old Baby's Stomach Has Swollen To The Size Of A Football Due To Deadly Liver Cancer, Needs Immediate Help

When Supriya places her little baby on the hospital bed for his tests, he cries in fear, stretching his arms out, asking her to carry him. Supriya longs to carry him, and it breaks her heart to watch his sad eyes begging for her warm embrace. Instead, she shows him his favourite cartoon, Chhota Bheem, to divert his attention, but in vain. Her baby continues crying, struggling to sit without support because of his extremely swollen stomach. Supriya’s 1-year-old has liver cancer and with his pain increasing every day, his only hope for survival is an urgent liver transplant.

Supriya was devastated when her son was diagnosed with a cancerous tumour

Supriya and Ranjith reside in Ganganagar, Telangana. Supriya's baby has been struggling to live since the day he was born. He spent the first twenty days of his life in intensive care due to low birth weight. When he got better, Supriya took him home with only one prayer in mind – that he has a healthy life from then on. They lovingly call him Lucky at home and were planning to name him on his first birthday. But to their despair, just a few weeks before his birthday, his health started deteriorating and his stomach started swelling up.  Soon, he was diagnosed with a deadly liver cancer.

“I thought my son was finally living a healthy life like every other kid. I never imagined that he would have go through the pain again. The doctors said my son will only get better with chemotherapy. We immediately started his treatment hoping he would recover soon. But he didn’t. His condition was getting worse.” - Supriya, mother

Supriya's little one has a just a few weeks left for an urgent liver transplant

The baby was diagnosed with hepatoblastoma, a severe form of liver cancer that is very rare and affects 2 to 3 in a million. It usually affects children and starts as abdominal mass causing pain and discomfort. The tumour eventually leads to cancer if left untreated. The baby underwent three chemotherapy sessions. Unfortunately, chemotherapy didn’t work and the tumour was growing bigger. Now only a liver transplant can save their baby from this deadly disease. Supriya is running out of time to save her baby. He needs to undergo a liver transplant within 3 weeks otherwise he will not survive. Fortunately, his father is the suitable donor for the transplant but lack of money has become a major problem to the poor parents.

“My son's condition is worsening with each passing day. He used to drink one full glass of milk earlier. But now he finds it difficult even to drink a sip of it. Everything that he eats or drinks, he passes it through his stools immediately. He is growing weaker day after day. He’s too little to go through this endless suffering. I just want him to be happy and healthy like he was before. ” - Supriya mother

After exhausting all his savings and borrowed money, Ranjith is struggling to save his son

Ranjith works as a salesman in a mobile shop and earns Rs. 7000 per month. After his son's grave diagnosis, Ranjith started his son’s treatment by using all his savings and also borrowed money from others. He has spent 3 lakhs so far for his son's treatment. And now after using every single paisa he saved and borrowed for his son's treatment, Ranjith is struggling each day to arrange money for his son’s surgery.

“My son never stops crying. I know that he is in pain and I try to console him by showing his favourite cartoons on my phone. He calms down for a while but then he starts crying again. Tears gush out of my eyes everytime I see him cry in pain.  I have taken help from every person that I know to save my son. I want to save my son at any cost. But with no money left, I’m afraid our poverty will take my son’s life. I just need some help to save my son.” - Ranjith, father.

Lucky with his parents

How you can help

This little one is running out of time and his parents have no money to save him from the cancerous tumour near his liver. Supriya and Ranjith's 1-year-old needs an urgent liver transplant within three weeks otherwise he might lose his life. Only your help can save this baby and give him a new life.

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