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This Couple Fears That They Will Lose One Of Their Twin Babies Even Before They Can Take Him Home

When Stella found out that she was pregnant, she had a feeling that she was having twins. She would talk about the twins, while Anthony teased her every time she did. Stella’s Intuition proved correct with the scan reports. Anthony and Stella were extremely happy. After the scan, she knitted two little scarfs for the twins. They even discussed names and embraced the pregnancy with so much love and hope. When the babies started kicking at around 20 weeks, she felt a new sense of joy. Unfortunately, an infection resulted in her water breaking and sent her into early labour. Her baby boys were born prematurely. Now, one of her twins is safe and the other is struggling for life every second.

"I was shocked when I had early pain, there was just so much uncertainty, so much to grieve, and so much to look forward to, it was all happening at once. All I wished was for my twins to be safe."- Stella.

"We did not have a child for five years" - a pain that no couple should endure

Five years of trying to have a baby took their toll on the couple. They lived an isolated life, away from their relatives and did not attend any family functions fearing they would be ostracized. They were devastated beyond words and had only each other's shoulders to cry on. Finally, when Stella became pregnant, they got new a new ray of hope in their life. After the twins were born, instead of celebrating, their hope is diminishing every day. It has been a month since they were born but they are not able to experience the joy of parenthood without any fear.

"When I could finally hold one of my twins in my arms, I can't help but remember the other twin battling for life. No mother should go through this. I don't know what I did to deserve this." - Stella.

Stella's baby has multiple complications and needs ventilator support to breathe

One of her twins is severely underweight and has hemorrhagic hydrocephalus, a neurological complication where the fluid is accumulated in the brain region. The baby also suffers from Bronchopulmonary dysplasia, a lung disease, that results from damage to the lungs caused by mechanical ventilation. Their baby boy needs 6 more weeks of NICU to stay to recover completely.

"I keep running back and forth to the hospital. One twin is at home and the other one is in the hospital. I panic while I get phone calls from hospitals. I dread that they'll tell us any 'bad news.' I have been longing to have my twins, now they're suffering in their own ways but I'm helpless." - Stella.

The couple fear that they may lose one twin baby forever

The doctors said that Stella's baby has a good chance of recovery like his twin brother if the treatment is continued for 6 more weeks. Unfortunately, the poor parents do not have anything left with them to save their newborn baby. Anthony works in the marketing department in a small company. He earns a very meager amount and has already spent everything he had but nothing is enough.

"After years of struggle we bought a piece of land; we have sold it, we have sold all the jewels and spent nearly 10 lakhs. I do not regret any financial loss, all I want is my children.Our life does not have any purpose without them. We need 9 lakhs more for the treatment but l don't have any one to help me now." - Anthony.

You can help this couple save their newborn baby

The past month has been the most difficult time for Stella and Anthony. Their premature twins were born extremely low weight. Fortunately, one of the twins is safe and discharged but the other twin is battling for his life. Stella and Anthony are exhausted and they're desperately waiting for help to save their baby. They have waited for 5 long years to be blessed with a child, now they're doubly blessed, yet the happiness is uncertain, they need your help.

Your contribution can save Stella's premature baby

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