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This 9-Month-Old Baby Has Only Known A Life Of Pain In The ICU, Needs Your Help To Go Home

As Sriram tries to concentrate on his work, sitting at his desk in the office, the only thing that spirals in his brain is the well-being of his baby girl. She is 9-months-old and for the larger portion of her life, she has been in the hospital. She needs to stay in the neonatal care unit for at least 2-3 more weeks to get cured but the soaring costs are a cause of worry for Sriram and his wife, Sridevi.

An old pic of the happy couple 

'It feels like the hospital has become her home now'

Just after her birth, Sriram and Sridevi’s baby girl was admitted in the NICU for 80 days. She was discharged after that, only to return back to the hospital after about a week.
“We thought she was all fine. In fact, we had started making plans for her naming ceremony but then her breathing problem resurfaced. Now she is again back at the hospital. It seems to us that the nightmare isn’t going to end,” - Sriram, father.

The little warrior has been battling to breathe on her own

Sriram’s baby girl is preterm and weighed only 752 gms at birth. The doctors suspect that her lungs haven’t developed properly. She needs to be in the ventilator support to live. She is also fighting a severe infection in her blood.
“She opens her eyes and sometimes even tries to play with the toy above her head. My wife and I feel so happy looking at her then. But the next instant I am reminded that the doctors told us there is no way that she can be put off that machine anytime soon. How will I afford the cost? Everyday, I am praying for a miracle.”

With your help, Sriram and Sridevi can cure their baby girl and take her home

Sriram works in a private company and for the last few months, a large chunk of his salary is being spent on his baby’s medical bills. All his savings are used up, yet his daughter is not in a condition to go back home. The parents are left with no choice but to plead others to help them during their times of crisis.
“I have even borrowed from my friends and relatives and together with my savings, I have spent around Rs 4 lakhs. There is no one else to whom I can turn for help. If you don’t help, I won’t be able to save my baby.”  

Together, we can save the little baby 

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