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Mother Struggles To Save Her Baby Girl From A Rare Disease That Can Cause Brain Damage Without Treatment

As Gangamma held her sick baby in her arms sitting on the floor of the overcrowded train from Gulbarga to Bangalore, she wondered if her little one would make it through the night. No one in their hometown could tell them what was wrong with her, and they borrowed money from their neighbours to take her to a bigger hospital in the city. All through the journey, her 1-month-old cried in excruciating pain, vomiting every now and then. All Gangamma and Mallikarjuna could do was take turns to try and pacify their baby girl, but they knew her condition was getting worse. Twelve hours and a tiresome journey later, the worried couple finally found out that a rare and dangerous disease was making their baby extremely sick. They had made it in time and their baby was rushed to the ICU, but she’s still not out of danger.

Their baby girl hasn’t known a day without pain, only continued treatment can save her 

Gangamma’s baby girl was diagnosed with a serious disease called Maple Syrup Urine Disease when she was barely 20-days-old. Due to this disease, her body can’t break down amino acids. The collection of these amino acids in the blood, in turn, become life-threatening. The little one can’t eat or drink regular protein like every other baby. She risks seizures and brain damage every day without strict monitoring of her diet. Within seconds, she could slip into a serious condition.

“She seemed normal and healthy for 15 days after her birth. But one night, suddenly, she started throwing up. She cried all night that day and when we took her to the doctor, they weren’t able to tell us what was happening to her. It was only in Bangalore that she was diagnosed. She hasn’t stopped crying ever since, and now I can barely hold her to comfort her.” – Gangamma, mother

Gangamma and Mallikarjuna’s baby girl needs to stay in the ICU for longer to recover. Since her body isn’t like other children her age, she will require medication and maple syrup urine disease formula to survive.

All the helpless parents can now do is cry at their baby’s miserable fate, they have no one to help them

For nearly 15 days now, Gangamma has stayed in the waiting room of the hospital. She goes to see her baby every chance she gets. Mallikarjuna has now gone back to their hometown to find any help he can get to continue his daughter’s treatment. Every time Gangamma gets a call from him, she prays it’s good news, but she’s soon disappointed when she hears his trembling voice, filled with sorrow and disappointment.

We’re both daily wagers and barely earn 100-150 on a day working on other’s farms. I haven’t been able to work ever since my pregnancy, and with her deteriorating health, my husband hasn’t gone back home for anything but to get help. We have nothing to save her. We have no savings or anyone to lean on.”

How You Can Help

Gangamma and Mallikarjuna need 2 lakhs to continue their baby girl’s treatment and save her life from the rare and dangerous disease. She’s barely a month old and is suffering so much every day. Only continued treatment can save her, but her parents are helpless and can't continue her life-saving treatment on no income.

Your support will save this 1-month-old baby girl’s life.

Supporting Document

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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