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This Premature Baby's Lungs Are Severely Underdeveloped And She Needs Urgent Help To Breathe

“When she was born, she didn't cry or even open her eyes. She was immediately put on the ventillator so she could breathe. I have not yet carried her – I can only touch her face or hand as she lies in the glass box.” – Deepa, the baby's mother

Deepa and Abhilash's baby was born a month before due date – severely underweight and unable to breathe. Her lungs have yet to fully develop. Till she can breathe on her own, she needs breathing support. Unfortunately, her parents have already borrowed heavily and need help keeping her alive till she is ready to face the outside world.

The baby had to be delivered a month early to save both the mother and child

Deepa's baby was born after a very difficult pregnancy. From the fourth month, her blood pressure became very high. This is very risky because it results in poor blood flow to the baby, hampering its growth. There is also a high chance of dangerous internal bleeding. At the doctor's advice, the baby was surgically delivered almost a month earlier to save both the mother and the baby.

“As soon as she was both, they took her away to the ventilator. I had to leave my baby in the hospital and come back home because we can't afford to keep both of us there. But in the last week, her weight increased to 960 grams. She is getting better – she only needs a little more time.” – Deepa

These new parents are completely unprepared for this emergency

“Parents-to-be hardly ever think something bad will happen. We had only good dreams and hopes for our first baby. We wanted to do everything we could to save her. But my husband is the only earning member and he has spent lakhs on medical expenses till now. We will have to give up our baby's treatment if we can't arrange for funds.” – Deepa

Abhilash is a helper in an ayurvedic store. He earns Rs 7,000 a month. For Deepa's c-section and for the baby's treatment till now, he has borrowed over Rs 6 lakhs. The baby needs treatment for another month and it is getting very hard to continue arranging for funds. These new parents have no doors to knock to ask for help.

How you can help

The baby is too weak to even drink her mother's milk. Every day she gets stronger, but to really live and thrive, she needs breathing support until her lungs are better. Her parents want to save their baby, but their financial condition has not left them any choices. They need support to help their baby.

Your contribution can give life to an innocent newborn.

Supporting Document

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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