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1-year-old's Deadly Kidney Tumor Can Spread Rapidly And Kill Her Without Urgent Treatment

"We thought it was just indigestion when her stomach started swelling up. We went to the hospital to get medicines for it. We did not understand why doctors asked us to take a scan. We were shocked when doctors said that she has kidney tumor. I was in disbelief until the dreadful symptoms started becoming visible. She has severe abdominal pain and she throws up everything. Her urine is full of blood. Her little body cannot bear the painful chemo but she is too small to comprehend what is happening to her body. She can't even express her pain. Every passing minute is a nightmare for us." - Sasikala, Mother of 1-year-old Monisha.

Monisha's tumor causes severe abdominal pain and fever that refuses to go away

Baby Monisha grew up healthy and she smiles all the time. When her parents were thinking how blessed to see their children grow up healthy and happy despite their poverty, life took a drastic turn. Monisha is diagnosed with Wilms tumor that starts in the kidneys and can spread to lungs and bones. Unfortunately, both her kidneys are affected.

"We did not understand anything, all we knew is that her life is in danger. She cries all the time in pain. We don't know what we can do to help her. She gets high fever after the chemo. My other two children are also too small to understand her condition. My wife refuses to move away from her even for a moment. We can't bear the pain she is going through but doctors told us she needs a surgery and a lot more chemo cycles to recover completely. I don't know how we can endure all this pain and trauma." - Dhanasekar, Father.

Monisha needs immediate treatment to stop the tumor from spreading to other parts of her body

The scan reports confirmed that both her kidneys are affected by the tumor. After weighing possible options to save her, doctors decided that the best of course of treatment would be to give her chemo for 12 weeks followed by a surgery and again chemo for 24 weeks after the surgery. She requires surgery to remove one side of the kidney fully and to retain whatever is possible on the other side. Depending on the response she would be considered for the transplant. Without surgery, tumor will spread to lungs and bones easily and kill her.

"I'm scared at the thought of the surgery. No parent should see their baby going through so much pain ever. Her tiny body is poked with needles everywhere. When doctors told me that her kidneys have to be removed, I almost fainted. I cried and begged to doctors but they said there is no other option to save her. I live in fear every moment. We have not slept from the day she was diagnosed. We fear that we might lose her." - Sasikala.

While parents struggle to meet ends meet, providing treatment is beyond their means

Dhanasekar and Sasikala are daily wage workers who earn Rs 300 per day together.  They have been working hard day and night for so many years. They spend every rupee they earn for their children. They have no other dreams in life but to provide their children with good education and other basic needs. Now they are slowly losing their hope and feel defeated in all the ways. Treatment costs Rs 10 lakhs and there is no way that they can earn this amount, even in their lifetime. They have no one from whom they can borrow such a huge amount.

"We don't have money to even buy medicines. Doctors said even if we miss even one cycle of chemo her condition would become worse than we could imagine. With the money I earn, I have only two choices, either I can feed my other children or spend for her treatment. I can live in empty stomach for days to save my daughter but how can I let my other children starve? I feel terrible. When I don't go to work, I'll not have money even for the next meal. I can't imagine losing her just because we don't have money." - Dhanasekar.

How you can help

1-year-old Monisha suffers from kidney tumor. She needs multiple chemo cycles and a surgery to remove her kidney. Without the treatment, the tumor will spread to her lungs and bones making her condition even worse, and it can turn fatal too. Baby Monisha is in excruciating pain and her parents who are daily wage workers are desperately waiting for help. Only your support can save her life.

Your kind contribution can save this 1-year-old baby from Kidney tumor and help her live a normal life

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